Fridays Photography Post 6

I have decided to keep this weeks photography post simple as it’s been a mad week. And being that it was mine and Chris’ 1st wedding anniversary on Monday I thought I’d share a few pictures.

Husband and Wife at last.
Jennifer, Me, Mum and Charmaine.
Stealing a kiss.

me and charm
group pic
The only pic with both our kids all together.
Eva and Bec.
Father and Daughter.
Mother and Daughter.
Together at last.
Chris and Eva.

Peta and me.

Here is one of mine and Chris’ favourite songs I thought I’d share. I hope you all love it like we do.


2 thoughts on “Fridays Photography Post 6

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    Thank you or as the french would say Merci beaucoup!!……It's been a full on year and I think you need to stop and reflect back on your wedding day and remember what and why you fell in love with a person. For us it's just all about the fact we had each other in high school and didn't realise it then, but who does at 13!!….So now we live each day as it comes but we do it together so we don't miss another moment of time with each other. Twenty years is a lot of time to lose so we're going to make the most of what we have and hopefully there will be another 40 or so up ahead.By the way I love your blog and Isacc is so cute, I have a nephew with red hair just like Isacc's. I hope you and Tim have many happy anniversaries together too and feel free to follow my blog if you like. 🙂

  2. ladaisi says:

    What awesome photographs and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY by the way!! I love it when people celebrate their anniversaries because it's so rare to find couples that have been married many years these days.

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