Fridays Photography Post 8…..

A belated Fridays Photography as we were away for the weekend. Here is a group of pretty random homey shots I took as I love the way some objects just scream cosy home.
My trusty peg container. I love it simply for it’s
 look and the fact it holds all my pegs.

My favourite bench seat I bought years ago, still going strong.

A fresh load of washing ready to be folded.

My gorgeous soft throw blanket,
I love curling up with this when I’m tired.

My beloved coffee machine Chris bought me that I use all the time.
Say hello to Barista Michelle.

What are some of your favourite homey things??


2 thoughts on “Fridays Photography Post 8…..

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi CasWell I have to say it is nice to have a new follower and to know there are people out there besides my friends and family that are reading my blog. I will happily pop over to your blog tonight when my little one is down so I can read what you get up to in peace and quiet.Don't you just love Ikea?? I know I do and I miss it as our closest store is three hours away!! I hope you continue to enjoy my blog and there are things here that interest you.Michelle

  2. Peaches & Maple says:

    Hi Michelle! I found you over at A beach cottage and thought I'd pop over and say hi. Umm…my favourite homey things would have to be (at the moment) my polka dot and striped mugs, my ruffle curtain, striped couch pillows, and a ruffle throw rug from Ikea (to name a few, lol!) I'm a new follower too, it'd be great if you popped over to my blog is you have a moment :)Cas x

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