Fridays Photography Post 9

Well it’s Friday and time for another photography post. These a just a few pics I took while out and about over the last week and thought I’d share them. Hope you all enjoy them.

A Kookaburra I spotted at Meelup. I haven’t seen many Kookaburra’s
in years, yet where I lived when I first moved out of home the trees
near my flat were filled with them.
My favourite pair of thongs and most comfortable pair I’ve ever owned
in my life. I bought them about three years ago now and they’re still
going strong. Yes they are Giselle Bundchen thongs and worth every
penny. I actually got these on sale after Lyn told me about them.
Feeling the sand between my toes at the beach Wednesday. The sand was
just nice and warm and the water was beautiful.
This guy just sat himself down in front of me and didn’t budge. Even with
all the other birds flying around him it was like he was in his own world.
Seagulls enjoying the warm sun as much as I was and I just couldn’t get
over the way the sun was sparkling so brightly on the water. Beautiful.

I am hoping to get a lovely picture of sunset for next week before Autumn takes over too much and the colours change, keep watch.


2 thoughts on “Fridays Photography Post 9

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed them and thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to follow if you enjoy what you see here. I will be sure to pop on over to your blog and have a look.I hope you have some warm sun and sand for your weekend.Michelle

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