Ornaments Don’t Live Here…..Display Pieces Only…

Bonjour! Well I’m hoping all you lovely people have had a wonderful Wednesday as I have this week and I must apologize as I just didn’t have time to do the video blog today so will endeavor to have it up tomorrow.

I’ve always considered myself a person who doesn’t really like nick nacks and ornaments and all that fussy stuff that supposedly decorates a house. I don’t own ornaments of any kind, (I’ve never liked them and I’m putting it down to years of dusting mums while growing up…hehehe)  I’ve never really found any I like and I figure it’s just more work I can do without. Now that doesn’t mean to say I don’t admire them in other peoples homes if they appeal to me because we all like different things.

However I do like using every day objects for display purposes such as a lovely group of milk jugs my mum gave me last year. She was going to send them of to St Vinnie’s as she was decluttering and I spotted them, so she said take them if I liked them which is precisely what I did. No, I’m not using them for their intended purpose of  holding milk, I use them for flowers. They make wonderful vases and look oh so lovely when filled with fresh flowers. I also have an old flour canister Lyn gave me a few years ago now and while I haven’t found a ‘purpose’ for it I love the colours on it and just can’t part with it, as soon as I have a decent place to display it it will be on show.

 I love the blues and the flower work on this canister and can’t wait until I have a special spot to show it as it’s too nice to be hiding in the back of my cupboard.

The milk jugs mum gave me, absolutely love the flower work on these and when they’re filled with flowers they just look so homey.

My small display collection which will be growing soon as I had a good find while out today but that will be in a post soon to come where I will also show you my shells that were my grandfathers and must be 40yrs old now. I remember when I was little, always picking them up, putting them to my ear and listening to the ocean. Ah how I love that sound and still do.

I’ve been trying to figure out for a while now what my decorating style is and while I haven’t really had one as I’ve just usually made do with what I’ve had and dressed it up I’m finding I’m really leaning towards a cross of French decor (naturally as I love the language.) and beachy, coastal living. Two very different schemes but two themes that are very close to my heart so it’s going to be tricky to balance it so it doesn’t become uncoordinated but I’m going to give it a shot.

So how about you, what’s your decorating style and what really makes you go, ‘wow got to have it!!’

Bonsoir amis ~ Goodnight friends

Oh how I love the french language…….



2 thoughts on “Ornaments Don’t Live Here…..Display Pieces Only…

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    I did have a very good day thank you and I hope you have a good day also when your turn comes round to turn 37 :)Thank you for visiting my blog and I look forward to visiting your blog….I have just packed the milk jugs away this morning as we will be moving soon but I can't wait to get them out and fill them up with fresh flowers wen we're settled at our new place….Have a great day and I look forward to getting to know you more….xo

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