All Manicured and Pedicured Out…..Until Next Time..

Yesterday I went and got that pedicure I was talking about and then when I was done I went up to my sister Charmaine’s place and she did a manicure and took my pedicure up a level. We had a ball just talking, catching  up, laughing our heads off and just be silly like sisters are with each other. It was really enjoyable, there were no kids interrupting us every five minutes needing something and besides the noise of her birds in the yard we had peace. I tried to video blog her but she wouldn’t be in it, as soon as the camera came on she stopped talking but I did get her a bit so I thought I’d share her with you all as she’s such a cool sister. She will probably kill me but that’s a price I’m prepared to pay.

Apologies for the side angle view I can’t figure out how to turn the footage around.
Now I’m not a fan of showing off my feet as I inherited them from my dad which really is not good for a girl but these are before and after pics and I have to say Charmaine did an excellent job and I think she should come and work for me…
Me out of the usual gym pants and t-shirt and into something just a tad more dressy for spending a morning in town and time with my sister.

My feet in my fave thongs before I left the house. I found these shows on sale about 3yrs ago now for $7.50 from Novo Shoes. So girls if you love a bargain and your shoes check out Novo you won’t be disappointed.

Half way through the pedicure and this moisturizing mask felt so nice and my legs and feet were so soft and the end it was amazing.

After Charmaine decided to up my manicure. She thought the gold nail polish needed a little more zing to it and I have to say I love it and it was funny listening to her curse the stickers and gems.

The picture doesn’t really do Charmaine’s handy work justice but I love what she did, definitely something nice to look at when

Charmaine insisted on doing my ring fingers as well as thumbs. I have to admit as a nail technician (me) by trade she did an awesome job and I am impressed with how meticulous she was.

A better view of the ring finger, I love this flower pattern and will be buying some nail art myself now. I’ve always thought about it but I should have it on hand for when friends, family or future clients want arty fingers like mine.

So if you have a fab sister like I do make sure you take some time to spend some time with her. And just for you Charm (I’ve always called her Charm) here’s a song I love and while yes I know it’s country it’s still a great sister song so enjoy.

Ma Soeur, mon ami ~ My sister, my friend xoxox

Hope you like the song….


2 thoughts on “All Manicured and Pedicured Out…..Until Next Time..

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    Yes I am lucky Caz and it's a pity you and your sister couldn't catch up more often. Charmaine and I actually lived 3hrs from each other for 17yrs as mum, dad, Charmaine and my younger sister Jennifer all moved to Busselton in 93 and I was out of home and married and expecting my second child. Too long a story to put here lol… a nut shell because we were all so young (Charmaine was 14 when they moved) we actually missed out on spending our teens, twenties and most of our 30's together getting to know each other as sisters should. But since moving to Busselton Charm and I have made up for lost time and we really do enjoy each others company and we never fight, in fact we never have.If you like the song in this post maybe you could send it to your sister. the first time I heard it I immediately thought of Charmaine because she's just that sister you love to bits.Have a great day 🙂

  2. Caz says:

    How lucky are you to have your sister close enough for catch ups like this 🙂 My sister lives in another state and when I go back home its always madness as your pulled from pillar to post to cram in time for family and friends that you rarely can just have a good girly sisterly get together.

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