Bedside Table Revamp….

Well ever since the desk revamp/debarkle, depending on how you want to look at it (though I now am happy with the way the desk turned out) I’ve been a bit off fixing anything else around the house but lately the creative juices have been flowing and I’ve found a project that should (in theory) be easy enough to revamp and keep me busy for a few hours over the weekend. Chris and I don’t have matching bedside tables and that used to bother me but I’ve gotten used to what we do have because it works for us and also it just makes our room a little more unique than the standard matching bedsides everyone else has. As most of you know I have my Grandfathers cabinet he made with his own hands.

My bedside table soon to be white washed.

Chris has an old telephone table with seat that I picked up in an op shop for about $5 many years ago now. The idea has always been to recover the seat and I originally intended on staining the wood to bring it back to life but being as I’ve been making the move to beach/coastal/french decor I’ve decided to white wash instead. I got some gorgeous french fabric off ebay this week and that will cover the seat, I’m on the hunt for a new handle for the draw and I already have some paint laying around from some older projects so I really just need to invest in a new paint brush and I can start.
Chris’ beside table, a slight coastal theme so far with the shells in the jar. He made me promise I wouldn’t ‘jazz’ up his side too much. The fabric will do most of the jazzing up for me any way.

So with the weekend fast approaching I’m looking forward to getting started on this revamp as I need something to take my mind off moving and looking at houses….it’s becoming a nightmare I can do without. So have a lovely day for what’s left of it and I’ll put pics up on the weekend when the revamp is complete…

9 thoughts on “Bedside Table Revamp….

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  2. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi, it was lovely visiting your blog and I look forward to dropping by more often….yes I do love my pop's table very much……I hope you enjoy your time here at my blog and I look forward to getting to know you..xoMichelle

  3. Miss Gracie's House says:

    Hi Michelle,Thanks for stopping by my place…it is nice to meet you! How nice it is that you have your grandfather's table!THANKS for the input on my woodwork…we'll see what happens:)…Have a great weekend!Rene'

  4. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi CasHow strange…I had no idea my email was no reply?! I will have to look into it…I wonder who else may have emailed me and I just haven't gotten it….so weird because when you leave comments here it leaves a message at my email….no probs Cas, please don't stress about it…I in no way thought you were ignoring me or anything like that…Nellie and I had the same trouble too at first…..I do love your blog and I'm glad you're enjoying mine….I've almost finished with Chris' bedside table….so hopefully be able to show you all tomorrow….have a good night xoxMichelle

  5. Peaches & Maple says:

    Cool Michelle. Can't wait to see the finished products! Oh and un-matching bedsides are way cooler than matching ones ;)Michelle, I owe you a huge apology…I have been replying to your comments over at my blog via email, but I've just realised that yours is a no-reply address, so all my responses have been lost somewhere in the 'void' so to speak. So, I just want to let you know that I am dreadfully sorry and I really value the time you take to read and comment on my blog. In future I will respond directly beneath your comments. Take care.Cas x

  6. Felicity says:

    Hi, i noticed your comment over on Beach Cottage and thought i would pop over to your blog for a look. I love old telephone tables, reminds me of my Great Grandmother's home. Have fun with your projects.

  7. Michelle Lisle says:

    Yeah I had another look at Chris' table and it will need a light sanding as it still has some sheen from varnish so I need to remove that first…….I'm hoping the seat isn't going to be to tricky to remove as it's not screwed in……here's hoping all goes well and I don't turn into my dad hehe…xo

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