Lovin’ Instagram….Finally…

Today I discovered (at last) I can use instagram on my phone!!! Now I know some of you have been using instagram for a while and are loving it and I have been watching all your beautiful photos being posted but for someone who doesn’t have an i-phone I wasn’t able to join you all in the fun….until today that is….woohoo!! I have a lovely Samsung GalaxyS phone which I love by the way and it uses android, so for a while unless you had an Apple phone, ipad etc you were left out of the loop. What is it with Apple seriously….like they  don’t have enough money and can’t share apps they come up with..go figure.
Any how I’m not here to complain about Apple just simply to share a few photos I’ve taken and zooshed up with instagram. It’s definitely making photography alot more interesting for me now until I can get my new camera. Speaking of photography, I just realized yesterday that my Fridays Photography Post has been neglected of late and to tell the truth I’ve just had so much going on that I completely forgot about it…..but…no more! I’m back on the ball with things and I will have a lovely Fridays Photography Post for you this week….hope you’ll enjoy it.
And now here are a few of those photos I took and zooshed up. Feel free to share with me whatever pics you’ve taken and transformed using instagram or if you really feel like it you can follow me on instagram.
My most favourite bag of late…
Must go make another one soon
I caught this just this morning as I was heading out.
My lovely french rose that’s just started blooming.
So what do you think?? All photography tips are welcome as that’s how we learn, by helping each other out and I love to learn new things and I’ve always loved photography.

4 thoughts on “Lovin’ Instagram….Finally…

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi KrisA lurker hey…??….well what do you know, I didn't realize I had lurkers hehehe so let me just say…welcome to my blog and I hope you like it….isn't is funny the 'war' between apple and samsung, my daughter has an iphone and loves it but I love my samsung and the newer one that's out..wow..your hubby should check it out he'd love it 🙂 Thanks for following me on instagram and for the photo love, I appreciate it….I have popped over to instagram and followed you as well and love your pics too…have a great day won't you xo

  2. Kris says:

    Hi Michelle, I have been a bit of a lurker on your blog :), but I will come out and say..welcome to the instagram gang..I have an apple iphone and I just adore it, my husband has the galaxys2 and he thinks it is much better than my phone lol.. anyways I will pop over and follow you on instagram I am @kris_avondalecottage over there…love your blog and your photo's are great.

  3. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hehe Nellie…apparently instagram has been available for Android for a little while now but I only just found out today and am loving it….hopefully I'll have lots of lovely photos for Fridays post…and I;m sure you'll figure it out..xo

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