A Maddening Start To The Week…….

Apologies for the absence Home, Love and Life friends and thank you to those of you who have continued to visit my blog even though I was Awol for a few days….much appreciated…


Did you ever have one of those days where you said to yourself, ‘I’m getting all I have to do done and nothing’s going to stop me, even if I can’t walk at the end of the day.’ Well that’s exactly what I said to myself last night. You see being that we’re still in limbo and things are half packed, (though checking out a house Friday morning, here’s hoping) everything has gone a bit haywire…my usual  motivation left for a while, my desire to want to garden all but disappeared and the frustration of not being able to decorate the house to the full extent I want has become overwhelming!!….Yesterday though was breaking point…I couldn’t take looking at the ensuite any more and thinking..’I really need to clean it’ (not that is was gross it just needed a decent scrub…you know the sort where you actually have to get on your hands and knees to clean the shower floor…) and decided that today I was going to get it sparkling clean even with a sore back and leg…..and sparkling clean it is….

Cleaning the ensuite I threw my back out but it was worth it as it looks so good now..

Now before I started my cleaning frenzy I took a moment to take a picture of the beautiful sunrise that was coming up over the backyard and it was beautiful….we should all stop and enjoy something lovely before our day gets busy and time gets away from us..
I had to stand on one of our outdoor chairs to get this pic being as I’m oh so short…lol 
So the cleaning went well until my back gave out on me and I could barely stand upright….it’s something I’m used to and has been happening for years but still just a tad painful when it does happen…So I was forced to abandon the heavy cleaning and do light jobs for the rest of the day, which really just involved folding washing (something I never seem to stop doing), preparing dinner and messing around with Instagram….hey a girls got to have her photography fix for the day….and as I was going around taking pics I happened to notice my rosemary is in full bloom and my daisies are just starting to flower…there was just one lone daisy all on her own so I thought I’d take a snap of her….
She’s almost finished blooming but I just had to take a pic..I think I’ll definitely be digging up a couple of bushes and taking them with us when we move…
Oh how I love everything there is about Rosemary, the colours, the scent, the taste…everything..
That was Monday and then Tuesday came round and my day went all over the place…..poor Chris came down with a stomach bug Monday night so he was home from work which led to me sleeping in because we didn’t have to get up at 4:30am….woohoo….but no woohoo to Chris being sick. However, because of my sleeping in I felt as if I was running behind with everything yesterday….have you ever had that?? Where you sleep in and then feel you’ve lost time…..annoying isn’t it…?? Now I never used to be a morning person but since these early morning starts with Chris I have just gotten used to it and rarely do I go back to sleep after he’s gone to work……Anyhow I finally got the casserole in the slow cooker (two hours later than usual) and made the bed and then remembered I had some important phone calls to make on top of trying to get everything done in a house that’s driving me mad…….So what did I do…..I made the phone calls and then stopped and had an oh so lovely much needed and I might add deserved coffee…..you know the ones….yep..the ones that help keep your sanity….
I’m so glad I rediscovered my love of coffee…
While enjoying my coffee I thought I’d jump online and see if any new rentals have been listed and of course there had been but most say no pets…hmmm…this is becoming a dilemma for us….for a country town no one seems to want to let you have pets or you’re forced to pay ridiculously high pet bonds….(I’m really not liking this private rental market business at all)……So I thought I’d see if maybe there were any rural properties to rent as I’ve always longed to have space to roam around on (must be the American Indian blood in me…thanks Pop)….Now I’m not quite sure how this happened but I found all these listings of rural properties at really good prices with lovely houses and lots of room to move….yey…I was thinking and then I noticed what had gone wrong….even though I had selected W.A for the search it brought up listings in Victoria, N.S.W…..!!! Now I was not happy because here I was thinking finally we can find somewhere nice and peaceful but noooo it was all the way on the other side of the country!! And then I got really annoyed (not with you lovely  eastern states people though I must say) because the rents on these properties were very, very reasonable and one lovely 4 x 2 place was on 2 acres and only $300pw…!!! Now let me tell you…apparently there are no properties like that for rent here in W.A where we are and when they are available we’re paying up to $450 pw for a 3 x 1 house…….would someone please explain to me how the rents can vary so much from one state to another because I really don’t get it…….I was ready to pack up  and head straight for the Nullabor yesterday……but that just is not a feasible plan while the girls are so young and we have access issues to worry about……so it looks like we’ll be taking whatever’s available, paying a ridiculous amount so I can keep my dogs with me and still stuck in suburbia…….Don’t get me wrong…I love Busselton, it’s a great town (even though the shire doesn’t appear to know what they’re doing) and we live on top of the beach which I love….what I don’t love and haven’t for sometime now….is living on top of people….I so want my own space with just peace and quiet and the sound of birds in the morning and the wind blowing in the afternoon….but seeing as that’s not going to happen just yet I’ll get back to reality and check out this house on Friday and hope to hell it’s well looked after and we get it…and yes I’ll have to pay an exuberant amount of pet bond…
Now here we are and it’s Wednesday and I’m not feeling so stressed today (thank goodness for meetings at the hall on Tuesday night…always feel better after being with brothers and sisters, thank you Jehovah) and that probably has a bit to do with the fact I have a customer for nail refills this morning and the fact my hubby is so wonderful…..he knows I’ve been stressing to the max and that the whole rent N.S.W vs W.A really ticked me off so what does he do this morning from work (yep he’s working today) ……..he sent me this pic….
No he’s not making a mess at work, this is the cleaning stuff they use….for those of you who can’t make it out it’s….I Love U….he’s such a sweety….I’m Blessed…
So enough of my rambling of a maddening start to the week as I have a customer to set up for (she’s my hairdresser) and I’m looking forward to catching up with her…..So go out and have a great day and do something exciting and take lots of pics….yep I’m still in love with Instagram….and show me what you snapped along the way today…….oh and keep your eyes posted as the blog is getting updated as soon as I find a background I like…..take care xo

2 thoughts on “A Maddening Start To The Week…….

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi NellieYes stressful doesn't start to begin the start to my week and I didn't even mention the impromptu shopping trip that ended with me once again not being able to find one thing I like….whose idea was it to bring back 80's fashion for the winter?? Seriously once around was enough for me hehe….was happy to have my hairdressers nails to do this morning as it gives me something to do that I love doing and yes we do help each other out by recommending each other to friends and other clients…..what's happening on your side of the country Nellie?? xo

  2. Nellie McCarthy says:

    Oh My! You have had a few stressful days Michelle and I can totally understand why. I am so glad that you are feeling better and congratulations on your new customer today! That is exciting and being a hairdresser she can recommend her clients to you and you can recommend to her! I did miss you the last few days and wondered what was happening. Have a great day and I will catch up again later. xx

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