Fridays Photography Post 12…

Today as was pulling into the car park at my beloved foreshore I noticed an eyesore looking like a crane coming out of the water. I was heading to the beach to get some wintery pics for todays post and to my utter shock I find there’s development going on at the foreshore…..apparently the shire has given permission for four viewing platforms to be built…..totally gobsmacked. So, shocked and exasperated I went about what I set out to do….I got my winter pics….it was a very snappy day at the foreshore….everyone seemed to have their cameras out and we were all happily snapping away.

The eyesore I spotted pulling into the carpark.
I couldn’t get a closer shot but for the first time ever in busselton that tiny sign out there says no swimming…can you believe it…
The information centre under a cloudy sky.
This guy actually let me get very close so I could get his pic….he might have thought I had some chips for him….but no..
This is our local beach restaurant called The Equinox and at the back they have a take away section for those who want to picnic….they make good chicken and chips there…
I’m always amazed by the colour that was used for these lamp posts..
Tourists bike riding….I love snapping people when they’re not looking..
I spotted this old couple watching the work going on before them and while I couldn’t hear them I’m sure they were discussing the idiotic decision by the shire to allow more development of the foreshore…..that or they were saying, ‘remember when we were kids and the world was a simpler place…?’
One of the massive trees where the outside tables and chair are for eating…also this is where those crazy white parrots live…
I love these trees and they’ve been here forever… really need to stand underneath these trees and look up to appreciate the true size…..massive….and these trees are opposite each other and their very top branches meet and overlap……really is beautiful..
The information centre was a lot quiter today than usual….
The side of the information centre and if you look to the right that’s the very end of the jetty…
The water was a strange green colour today under a grey sky…
One of the many boat ramps along our lovely beach….
Every mums worst nightmare…….a child who has discarded shoes to play and forgotten to pick them up before heading home……
So this was my observation of my beloved foreshore today… was a funny old day here in Busselton….it was grey, cloudy and wet but not too cold……winter is coming…..until next Friday enjoy the photos and let me know what you think….take care…xo

Bonjour I love hearing from you so leave a comment..

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