From One Side Of Town To The Other…

Well hello Home, Love and Life friends and how are you all doing today? So I know I’ve been a little absent this week and with good reason. As most of you know we’ve been on the house hunt and last Friday I finally found a house I love (and as Chris was at work I had to make the call but knew he would love it too) and put in an application for it. We got the good news Tuesday that we were approved and the house is ours….so we are moving this weekend…argh!! hehe..Naturally there is some paperwork to finish off Friday afternoon before we get the keys but other than that all is going smoothly so far……now to just actually move a house full of furniture from one side of town to the other.

Even though we’ve only be in this house for just over two years a lot has happened here and I thought I’d share a few memories with you all before we move into the new house.

It’s where I moved to with all three kids from Perth..

It’s where Chris and I started dating…
It’s where we were married and had the reception…
It’s where we bought our first car together…
It’s where Eva and Bec were welcomed into the family
It’s also where my youngest and my oldest both moved
back to the city within a few months of each other and 
the youngest was the first to move out…..
It’s where I got the good news my best friend had given birth..
It’s where I started my blog….
It’s where I rediscovered my love of coffee
It’s where I decided to go into business…
It’s where I met my amazing friend Nellie (and other lovely bloggers) 
and found the best online shop ever….
It’s where I discovered my love of whitewash and 
finally decided on a french/beach decor scheme
It’s where I found and fell in love with Instagram…
It’s where we enjoyed the summer together as a family..
And most importantly it’s where we decided that we would live in
our lovely new house on the other side of town…more pics will 
follow but what do you think so far…?
There is so much more that’s happened in this house but too much to write about in one post as I would be here all day..I guess one of the most important things we decided on in this house next to getting married was that we would try for a baby and we’ll all just have to wait to see how that one pans out….but here’s hoping..
Now for those of you visiting my blog today and going ‘woah, it’s all white, what happened?’…I’m in the middle of revamping the blog and it may take a little while as I’m still figuring things out. Also I will try to blog as much as I can over the weekend to keep you all informed as to how the progress of moving is going but I will be without internet access until mid next week…….nooooo…..hehehe… please keep visiting, leave comments, I love reading all your comments as they always put a smile on my face and I’ll be back with lots more pics of the new house as soon as I can….For today however take care and enjoy the rest of your day…xo

10 thoughts on “From One Side Of Town To The Other…

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    You're pretty darn sweet yourself Neliie 🙂 You realize we will have to meet in person one day….that's a day I'm looking forward too…Like you I'm so glad we met too….don't know what I'd do without our daily check ins….xo

  2. Nellie McCarthy says:

    You are so sweet, I have only just started to catch up on the last couple of days blogs and thought I'd start with yours. So glad that I did, you are an amazing friend and I am so glad that we met :-)xx

  3. Michelle Lisle says:

    Thanks Kris…I can't wait to get in there and put things where I want them and then take some pics and show everyone….and let me just say I almost got what I wanted….will explain further in next weeks post….take care andkeep finding lots of red xo

  4. Kris says:

    Oh Michelle that is awesome news, I am sitting here with goose bumps and tears in my eyes xxx so happy for you and will be waiting for pics of the new place xxx take care and happy moving x Kris

  5. Michelle Lisle says:

    Thanks Neighbour and of course we'll miss you…who else is going to come across the road and ask me for my dumpling recipe…?lol……the girls willbe ecstatic to be able to ride their bikes on a flat surface hehe…xo

  6. Michelle Lisle says:

    Thanks Caz, How are things at Gorgie going? Yes lots of memories made in such a short amount of time and I'm looking forward to making new ones at the new house. Will drop by your blog soon to see what you've been up to before I'm without internet access….xo

  7. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi Tracey and welcome to my blog and thanks for your comment. You're right moving is a big job but this one feels small compared to the last time I moved which was from Perth to Busselton which is three hours away,so hopefully not as stressful as that move….I hope you stick around and enjoy the blog…xo

  8. Caz says:

    Michelle lovely story, wonderful memories and I'm sure making new memories in your new home will be just as amazing. Good luck with the move, Caz xx

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