Oh So Very Cold….But Plans Are In Motion….

Hello there Home, Love and Life friends and how are you all today..? Well today has been very cold here in little old Busselton, the mornings are freezing, the nights are freezing and the days are chilly, it’s so cold in fact that today I decided I had to put the electric blanket on the bed as I think that’s half the reason I’m not sleeping properly…I’m just too cold…so on it went this morning and I’m already looking forward to climbing into my nice warm toasty bed tonight. It’s a lovely cool 17.5 degrees here today and we’re only half way through May….something tells me it’s going to be a very cold winter…..brrrr.

Lovely fresh sheets, a warm electric blanket and a cosy throw blanket for when I just want to curl up with a magazine….
The one thing about this cold weather is it has got me thinking about cooking lots of delicious casseroles and soups and making them with fresh produce, which led me to another thought…..the vege garden….hmmm well lets just say the vege garden here is pitiful…I don’t even recognize what’s growing in it and it’s just sand and needs topping up with compost…so for the weekend I’ve decided I’m heading to Bunnings (as I do whenever I have a brilliant idea) to get some seedlings of winter veges, compost and whatever else I might need to revive this vege garden…
Our raised garden bed….as you can see it needs quite a bit of work..
I have no idea what this is but it’s growing in the vege garden though not very well…
And while we’re on the topic of fresh produce we’re thinking about getting some chickens for the chook pen we gained with this property….I had chooks years ago and loved getting fresh eggs every morning…nothing taste better than fresh laid eggs…I loved having chooks but due to Molly (our dog) attacking them and stressing them out they stopped laying eggs and I had to re-house them…..this chook pen is quite secure so hopefully this time round she’ll behave herself…
The outside of the chook pen…looking forward to having chickens again..
The inside of the chook pen…we have some work to do before it can house any chickens…they even have a chandelier….
Other side of the chook pen….plenty of room in here for a few chooks..
My garden bench from the old house sitting under one of the big shady trees…it’s as if this spot was just waiting for my bench…will be spending plenty of afternoons here watching Bec play…
So there you have it…while the cold weather is turning my mind to mush and making me want to sleep I’ve still managed to come up with some ideas of what I want to do outside that will get everyone involved and I know Luke will love having chooks again as he loved the last lot we had when he was younger….for Bec having chickens will be a whole new experience…I think for Chris too actually as he’s never had chooks before either……I really have managed to experience a lot of things in this life even when I think I haven’t….Now if any of you have any idea what that plant is growing in the vege garden please leave a comment and tell me what it is I really would like to know……take care for now and I might just be back with some more ideas tomorrow….xo

6 thoughts on “Oh So Very Cold….But Plans Are In Motion….

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi Nellie….yes lots of room for the chickens….we got four cute little chicks Friday….check out today's post it's all there….our weekend was good but chaotic…..I'm glad you and Nick had a great time away…talk soon xo

  2. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi Kirsty….your more than welcome for the comment and I'm sure I'll have lots to figure out when I do get my camera so it'll be nice to have another person to ask questions…thanks….hope you enjoyed your visit here…xo

  3. Coral and Coast says:

    Hi Michelle, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and for being a new follower! I adore my DSLR so if you have any questions, ask away 🙂 Keep warm, it's around 17 degrees here too! xo K

  4. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi Caz…I'm sleeping much better with the electric blanket on thank goodness but I am missing having a fire quite a bit…gas heaters just don't do the same job….I hope you get your chickens soon….get Mr G onto fixing it up for you..lol….we got our chicks friday afternoon….loved the trip to Bunnings as always….hope you had a good weekend…xo Michelle

  5. Caz says:

    Hi Michelle, there is nothing worse than trying to get to sleep if you are cold. I put the flannelette sheets on Monday night – think it was the perfect night to do it as the nights have cooled down significantly this week, I have had the fire on every night. Your raised veggie bed will be fab shouldn't take too much to turn it around and loving your chicken coop. i have a chicken house its just sitting there all on its own not fenced in or a chicken run or anything to protect the chickies from foxes so as yet i still don't have my chickens one day soon I hope. Enjoy your trip to Bunnings and have a great weekend. Caz xx

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