A Productive Weekend Along With Some Chaos….

Bonjour Home, Love and Life friends and how did you all enjoy your weekend this week?? We actually got quite a bit done this weekend and if you can believe it we had to go back to the old house for one last collection and tip run!!! We had no choice but to hand the keys back into Homewest last week before we could get everything as clean as we wanted and before we had a chance to pull down the buckled trampoline or they would have started charging rent for still having the keys even though we’re not living there (crazy hey). So any way last week I get a phone call asking me when I was getting rid of the stuff left behind at the old house (I knew they would take the trampoline away and charge us for it and we were fine with that, we didn’t have any more time to go back there) and I was like what stuff?? and my accommodation manager says ‘the stuff left in the house’ and I’m still like ‘what stuff? I only left some cleaning stuff in the cupboards for the next tenants and I left two shoe drawers in the master bedroom for the new tenant, fire tools to stay with the fire as I don’t need them anymore and a couple of terrilene curtains as I don’t need them here.’ So she’s like ‘ok those things can stay but all the cleaning stuff in the cupboards need to go so I’ll have the cleaners put them under the patio in a box for you to pick up and you’ll need to get rid of the trampoline or we’ll charge you for it..’ So I told her we’d be round on the weekend (after they made a big song and dance about us not going back once the keys were handed in) to collect the stuff from the cupboards and to get rid of the trampoline.

Our trampoline that was knocked over by the wind and buckled..

So we head over first thing Saturday morning to assess what’s there and how much stuff, if any will need to go in the trailer and what do you know…..yep you guessed it…..they had taken all the stuff out of the house that was supposed to stay for the next tenant and put that under the patio and left all the cleaning stuff in the house!!! Seriously how hard is it to follow instruction..!! So because we couldn’t get in the house to put the stuff back Chris suggested we take the stuff back home and we could use the shoe drawers for storage in the double garage…..good idea I tell him, so we head over to mums to get the trailer and while we were gone what do you think happens?? (and we were only gone 45 mins to an hour at most) Yep upon returning to get our stuff… we find it had been stolen!! I was not happy in the slightest and I was furious…..we’re pretty sure we know who it was but have no proof…it had to be someone close by and who knew we’d been coming back and forth….so that means a neighbour….especially considering those shoe drawers were heavy and were around the back..if someone was just driving by they would never have known what was out there….So while cursing people for being thieves at the top of my voice we got to work and pulled the trampoline down and dumped it at the tip along with some other things we didn’t have time to get rid of while we were actually busy moving…..It took us the best part of the day to get rid of everything, bring things back to the new house we decided we’d keep after all and on our last trip I decided I was going to dig up most of the plants I had put in since I’d moved in there or revived from death that were left by the tenant before me…….I really was mad that after two years of keeping the house well and looking after the gardens that this is what they’d do and that neighbours would actually steal from us while our backs were turned…..I said to Chris we probably would have been broken into sooner if it hadn’t been for having Lady…..So that was Saturday and when we finally came home at four I said to Chris, ‘bugger it we’ve worked our butts off all day lets take Bec down to the foreshore and have an ice cream’ and that’s exactly what we did……

Now I know I’m kind of going backwards but anyone who knows me will be able to follow me…hehe….before the chaos on Saturday we had a good day Friday…..Bec, Luke and I went to Bunnings and got our veggies for the veggie garden and Bec got some Nemesia (poetry lavender) for the garden bed as she wanted some purple flowers. We also stopped by the Stockfeed place down from Bunnings and checked out baby chicks and of course Bec wanted to bring them all home…..I told her we’d bring daddy to look at them when he finished work as I knew he would be finishing early Friday….She and Luke were happy with that so we headed home for lunch as I needed to get Luke to work by 2pm….After dropping Luke to work Chris, Bec and I went to check out the chicks and while we were only ‘sussing them out’ we ended up bringing four home…lol…they were only 18hrs old when we picked them up so they’re in Luke’s room in a box under a light until they’re old enough to go into the chook pen….We picked Luke up from work and surprised him when we got home as he had no idea we would get them while he was at work…Bec has named one chick Clucky, Luke has named one Ginger (from chicken run) and we’re waiting for Eva to come down so she can name a chick and then I think we’ll all choose a name for the last one…..the only thing about naming chooks is it then makes it hard to kill them to eat them when they’re older…hehehe….no don’t worry I couldn’t eat chickens I’ve raised and named…..well I don’t think I would…

The newest members of the family….only 18hrs old when this pic was taken Friday…
So now we have Sunday and while Sunday proved to be a productive and good day it started with some of the chaos from Saturday spilling over into Sunday morning……ever since we moved here Lady just has not settled at night time….she’s been barking at possums all night (we didn’t have them where we were before) jumping the gate and barking in the neighbours yard (again something she’s never done before) and basically making a nuisance of herself and on more than one occasion keeping everyone awake with her barking……We have been very patient but firm with her…..I don’t know why she’s obsessed with the possums and barking at them all night and no matter how much discipline she gets it just doesn’t stop her. Molly, my crazy dog who is going senile has been the best behaved she’s ever been since moving here….she has a good morning bark at the neighbours next door building and occasionally will bark in the middle of the yard for no reason but other than that she’s been great. Lady however barked all night Saturday night and was jumping the gate (we could hear her) until 3am Sunday morning when she finally went quiet and went to sleep…or so I thought…..So we get up Sunday morning still tired from Lady keeping us awake most of the night and I go to let Molly outside (she sleeps on the back veranda at night as she just won’t stay out when it’s this cold) and what do I see…..Lady next to her kennel, yes next to it, not in it……with a decent sized dead baby possum….well now I really was not impressed….I’m not sure about other states but over here if your dog kills a possum you can get fined for it!!! I called Chris and told him what she’d done and he took it off her and buried it….She knew from the moment she saw me in the morning she was in trouble and she didn’t even try to stop Chris from taking her spoil…..She spent the rest of the day moping around the yard and keeping her distance…..I really don’t know what’s got into her lately or what we’re going to do if she doesn’t settle down……but hopefully all the other possums have learnt to stay up in the trees away from her…..
 Lady sulked all day yesterday…aka…the possum killer
Molly my old crazy girl who’s been the best behaved of all the animals…
So after Chris buried the possum we finally made it to the meeting, which was nice to have some normality to the weekend…thank you Jehovah!!! We came home after the meeting and decided to do some work in the garden and try and balance out all the chaos of the weekend so far…Luke and Bec planted their carrots, Bec got baby carrots and Luke got regular carrots and they both helped with the cabbages and the peas…..I’m now wishing I had of got a picture of them in the process of planting them….
Bec’s baby carrots top left, cabbages in the middle and Luke’s carrots down the bottom and the peas where it looks empty…
While at the old house Saturday I dug up my birds of paradise plants, my rose bushes, my lavender bush and bought home my other bench seat which is more for garden decoration than sitting unless you want a splinter in your bum….hehe…….I’m thinking I’m going to sand it back and give it a fresh coat of paint….
My rose bushes pruned back but they’ll be fine in a few weeks…
One of the birds of paradise…
Bec’s three little Nemesia plants right behind the bricks….
The other bird of paradise…they both need a prune then can’t wait for them to flower again….
My Lavender a little droopy from the move but it will bounce back…
Another bench seat…this was a roadside find years ago and it’s just stayed with me….
And our chicks today…now four days old and doing very well….
So with all our outdoor work done for another Sunday we came inside had some lunch and I ended up watching Manly beat the Roosters with Chris….And I can tell you now….we didn’t hear a peep from Lady last night and we all got a good nights sleep…..However I did find her out the front this morning as I was heading out to the shop and she made a hasty retreat back over the fence and into the back yard…..if anyone has any idea why she’s so obsessed with barking at possums I’d love to hear your thoughts…..
Well that was my productive, crazy and chaotic weekend….how did your weekend go??

10 thoughts on “A Productive Weekend Along With Some Chaos….

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi Kris….first of all I have to say I love Possum Lodge, it's very fitting I think hehehe…I wish lady was small enough not to get them but unfortunately for the possums she's big enough but since Chris told her off Sunday and buried her prize she's been very quiet and left the possums alone…..The chicks are gorgeous and getting bigger…they're a week old tomorrow and have grown so much….Chris noticed the Chandelier before I did hehe……Thankfully Chris is not one of those guys who plays on being sick he's got the real flu but has been soldiering on and stillgoing off to work at god awful hours in the cold…..where have you been lately I'm missing your blog?? take care xo

  2. Kris says:

    Hi Michelle,,, well well well what a busy time you have had.,Your doing so well… I love your new house…. How about calling it "Possum lodge" heheh… Lady and the possums,Oh no.. but our Pipin barks at the bandicoots and the crows.he is just to little to catch them., they are just trying to protect us I think.. who knows ;)..The chicks are so cute and oh my I am loving the chandy in the coop,, I need one too :)…. :0 Hope Chris isnt coming down with the man flue!!!.. Take care xx Kris xx

  3. Michelle Lisle says:

    Yep it sure was productive though something tells me with Chris coming down with the flu this weekend will be spent watching plenty of rugby and less time in the garden..lol…I'm hoping lady will learn to leave the possums alone but she's still jumping the fence the bugger….take care xo

  4. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi AnnaThanks for dropping by and I'm glad you liked my post…..it was a very busy weekend and I'm sure if Chris and I had our way it would have been a lot more relaxing but I actually like being busy on the weekend because then I don't feel like I've wasted the time and it's time spent together even if we are working hard. I knew what my birds of paradise were when I moved in but I've never really liked them before but they grew on me and they are very interesting to look at when they flower so now I love them.I hope you're having a good week so far and I'll pop in and have a look at your blog…take care…xo

  5. Anna Williams says:

    Well you certainly got a lot more done than I did! I can't believe how much you did. It's funny seeing you grow your birds of paradise. When I moved into my house they came with an entire garden bed of them – taller than me and about 5m long. I didn't even know what there were at the time!I have to say they are very hardy though, and when they flower they are so tropical and beautiful! xxAnna (My Design Ethos)

  6. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi Caz…you have no idea how relieved I am to know it's not just my crazy dog going mad at the possums….yet Molly doesn't seem bothered by them at all…Yes it was very easy to get the chickens and I have to admit I'm the sort of person that when I want something I just go out and do it…..I'm an it's all or nothing type girl hehe….I hope you get some chickies soon because they really are so cute and worth the effort…xo

  7. Caz says:

    Wow Michelle that's a pretty hectic weekend I say. Dogs and possums ….my dog used to go nuts at them as well but don't have any at Gorgie thankfully but then he has rabbits, magpies horses across the road and just thin air to bark at argh!!!!I'm so envious that you went and got chickens just like that – i didn't know it could be so easy 😉 – gotta get my butt into gear on this one xx

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