New Shoes, Potato And Leek Soup And Out Of Time For Pie…

Bonsoir everyone and how has your day been today? Well as some of you may have read on facebook this morning I was on bit of a mission today to get to town to buy some new shoes and then come home and make my poor sick hubby some Potato and Leek Soup…and a Lemon  Meringue Pie….well lets just say I almost got all of it done…

The morning started off a bit slow for me today but I had a wonderful chat with my good friend Nellie to start my day so that put me in a right old good mood. I finally got out of the house with Bec and into town by just after 10am this morning…..the first thing we did was head to Spend Less Shoes…or today’s case Spend More…hehe…usually when I need to find shoes I can’t but I am very happy to report that today was the easiest shoe shopping trip I’ve had in a long time..first of all I was after some flats as my fave pair just fell apart on me the other day and they were the only close toed shoes I had….and secondly I was after some new heels as my current pair that get worn with everything are at least 6yrs old and the heels are going to go on them any day now…I can feel it…. So a successful shopping trip it was……

My very comfy new flats….
My new wedge heels…I love wedge heels because they’re comfy like flats but give you the height…
Breaking in the new flats…
With all this cold weather and poor Chris not feeling the best I decided I would make some Potato and Leek Soup for dinner tonight as there’s nothing like a bowl of hot soup to warm you up on a cold night and to make you feel better when feeling unwell….So come this afternoon on the stove went and the soup was cooked….I made Potato and Leek Soup for the first time last winter at Chris’ request and fell in love with it…now it’s a regular winter meal…and I have to admit it’s very easy to make…
 Leeks and Onions added to the pot with some melted butter….cook for 3 mins..
 Potatoes and 3 cups veggie stock added….bring to boil then simmer for 35mins…
End result once pureed…..was delicious….
I had all intention of making a Lemon Meringue Pie today but ran out of time so that will be done tomorrow afternoon for desert….I’m sure Chris will enjoy a piece while he’s watching the State of Origin Game….
So how was your day today?? Did you get all you had to do today done?? And what’s everyone favourite comfort food for this time of year…? Well enjoy your night and I’ll be back tomorrow to let you all know how the Lemon Meringue turns out…though I’m sure it’ll be as good as it always is…..take care…xo

4 thoughts on “New Shoes, Potato And Leek Soup And Out Of Time For Pie…

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi Caz…I've loved wedge heels for years now too, I will have to show you my summer pair I think you'll love them…..I managed to get the lemon curd in the pie without too much trouble hehe…the meringue however almost didn't make it lol….I love meringue before it's cooked….. 🙂 Chris is feeling better thanks for asking sweety but he's not too happy with the way the rugby's going at the moment….men…xo

  2. Caz says:

    I'm loving the wedges Michelle they are my fav kind of heel. I think we might have lots of similarities in foods we like coz potato and leek is one of my favourites as well. Hope you can get your lemon curd in the pie without eating too much I've had the spoon in my jar again this morning hehehehe 😉 Hope Chris is feeling better xx

  3. Michelle Lisle says:

    I know I was heading out for one pair but secretly hoping to find two and I did yey!!….hmmm pizza sounds like a good option for dinner with the game on actually….Chris is hoping you guys are going for the Blues….and I had to chuckle…Chris saw the add for lemsips last night on t.v and I was like forget it I can make you a real honey and lemon drink not a fake flavoured one…and then you tell me Nick's dosing up on them hehe….Are you sure we're not related some how hehe….xo

  4. Nellie McCarthy says:

    I enjoyed our chat this morning too. I am so glad that you were able to buy some shoes, not one but two pairs, yay! I'll be watching State of Origin tomorrow too. We have Nick's family over and get pizza. Easy night for me. Your soup looks nice too. Yum. Hope Chris starts feeling better. Nick is dosing up on Lemsips. xx

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