A Very Quiet Day….

Bonjour….well today was supposed to be a bit of a spray painting day for me as I have a few cane baskets and what not I’m dying to turn white but the weather has decided to turn horrible and put my plans on hold…

So what to do with Bec at daycare and Luke at intework….well first on the list is to tidy up the house a little….I have actually found that moving into a smaller house has made things easier to keep organized….go figure….Once the tidying up is done I plan on having a nice hot lunch and catching up on reading one of my favourite magazines….

So what do you all have planned on this cold grey day..?? If you have sunshine where you are then take advantage of it while it lasts…..

My oldest son James is coming home tomorrow for a visit and it has been a few months since I saw him last so it’ll be good to catch up with him and I know Luke will be excited to see his big brother…..he misses James and Lauren quite a bit but has definitely taken Bec under his wing…..

Well enjoy the rest of your day wherever you are and maybe tomorrow I’ll get my painting done and be able to share it with you…..take care xo


2 thoughts on “A Very Quiet Day….

  1. Amanda says:

    It’s been wet all day here today too with thunderstorms. Today I’ve run lots of errands, vacuumed, mopped and tried to do some washing. I did manage to sneak in a bit of magazine flicking too πŸ™‚

    • homelovelife says:

      Hi Amanda…glad you got some time to flip through a mag…it was so wet here today I didn’t even leave the house, it just rained non stop….hope it was a good mag for you πŸ™‚

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