Computer Freak Out, A Hot Lunch & A Little Visitor….

Well have you ever had one of those moments when your computer does something completely stupid and you freak out?? Well that’s exactly what happened to me this morning….I was doing the usual blog check and email check on the computer and then my screen went blue with a little sad face on it and turned itself off….it kept saying it was updating and all sorts of stuff then restarted itself and then… password apparently was wrong even though I tried it several Β times. I was really starting to freak out and thinking ‘noooo my computers been hacked and I won’t be able to blog or do my banking or check emails or do my blog….argh!!!!’ I took a deep breath and tried my password again and it worked and then I remembered that the number nine key was sticking earlier this morning and that’s why it was saying my password was wrong because obviously the 9 was still sticking. Once I was in I was relieved to see everything was fine and working just as it always does but it did make me think just how much we rely on technology……sometimes I think we really do rely on computers and other technology too much and I wonder what we’d do if we lost it on a permanent basis? My bet is most of us would freak out at first but for those of us who didn’t grow up with all this technology I think we’d adjust pretty quickly.

My computer….a love/hate relationship at times…

So after a major freak out with the computer and the rain coming down hard outside I decided it was time for a hot lunch to warm up with being as the weather had turned horrible again and the rain was coming down by the bucket loads…So left over casserole and some bread for lunch it was and it was good if I do say so myself…why is it certain meals always taste better the next day…?

A nice hot lunch…

Now this morning before the computer freak out and the rain returning everything was going well…I got to sleep in for a little while, got up and got Bec and myself breakfast and then tidied up the house…we then headed outside with Luke to let the chickies loose in their pen so they could get used to it and also so I could do another training session with the dogs and the zappy collars……all was going quite well….the chicks were loving being able to roam around in their big pen…the dogs were sticking to their boundaries, Luke and Bec were helping me tidy up the yard and moving a few things and even though it was a bit chilly it was nice to be out in the sun. While sorting out the chickies bedding we spotted this guy in their pen….

A Little Froggy Visitor…

Now I have to admit I’m not really a fan of frogs…well not being up close to them any way…I think it’s because you never know when they’re going to jump or in which direction they’ll go…..however Bec spotted him and wanted me to take a pic of him so here he is…..though I think he was happier when we left the chook pen…We had a good hour outside before the clouds came over and I could tell it was going to rain…so we brought the chicks back inside, as they’re too young to be outside in the wet yet and made it just in time…..within five minutes of being in the house the rain pelted down……I’ve made it a mission that even if I only get half an hour outside during the day from now on I’m out there doing something productive whether it’s gardening, training the dogs or getting some painting done…Now I have a question for all my lovely veggie growing friends out there…as you know we planted our veggie garden not long back but I have something eating the tops of the carrots and the cabbages…..any ideas what it Β could be??? And no it’s definitely not caterpillars…..would love any thoughts…..xo


4 thoughts on “Computer Freak Out, A Hot Lunch & A Little Visitor….

  1. Amanda says:

    I freak out whenever my computer plays up πŸ™‚ And then stress that I’ve lost my documents/photos etc. Then when all ends up ok, I quickly do an undated back up of everything just in case πŸ™‚ We are so reliant on computers these days, I often wonder what I’d do without something as simple as Google πŸ™‚

    Lots of rain here today too and it was freezing. So much so I didn’t blog in my usual comfy lounge chair but sat right in front of the heater instead.

    Stay warm xx

    • homelovelife says:

      I know it is freaky and makes you stress out big time doesn’t it? I’ve lost so many photos over the years because my computer has crashed at some point and I haven’t backed them up…..I’m still terrible for backing up but think I better start..

      We had lots of rain yesterday to and thankfully my comfy arm chair is in front of the heater hehe…..We have some sunshine here this morning so I’m out to get some of it before it disappears again….take care and keep warm xo

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