A Busy Long Weekend And Some White Paint…

Bonjour and how are we all today? I hope all of you who had a long weekend enjoyed the extra day off to relax and have some fun with family and friends.
We had a busy but quiet weekend with Cathy here and it was nice to have her company. Cathy recently had a full knee replacement surgery so while she couldn’t walk too far or long and definitely not on the beach she did very well getting around town and we managed to get her down to the foreshore for a lovely Simmo’s ice cream. Bec thoroughly enjoyed having her Nan here for the weekend too and wasn’t too impressed when Cathy had to go home yesterday but she got over it.
We’ve spent a lot of time this weekend setting up this ‘electric’ fence for the dogs as it was more time consuming than we originally thought it was going to be but now it’s all in place and today we start with the dogs first training session so they learn their boundaries and where they can and can’t go. It’s also nice to know that the chooks will be at a safe distance from the dogs as we’ve zoned off the chook pen which means if they get too close to it they will get a zap. I’m seriously hoping this works and works well.
We also made a start on clearing out the chook pen yesterday so it’s ready for the chicks to go into in a few weeks when they’re a bit bigger. I have to say I believe whoever had chooks in there before never cleared the straw out as it was so thick that when raked into a pile it came up to my knees. We didn’t quite finish yesterday as John came by and we needed to finish the fence for the dogs so we will finish the rest today…..I did however manage to make one improvement in the chook pen. For those who saw a pic of the pen in an earlier post you would have seen that the chandelier hanging in there was a brassy colour as in the pic below…
Now admittedly I know the chickens won’t give two hoots what colour the chandy is but too me it was just a bit dull and I almost didn’t even see it there when I first investigated the chook pen because it just blends with the roof…but not any more…thanks to Kris at thebouselife and her advice on the best way to spruce things up with a can of spray paint the chandy now has a new lease of life…
So like I said I know the chicks won’t care but it just makes the pen a little brighter and cheery and it was so easy to do….just stand back and spray away….thanks Kris…
So now that the weekend is over and we’re back to our regular weekly schedule it’s time for me to get cracking and get some washing done, floors vacuumed and mopped, beds made, a casserole on for dinner and of course I’ve put a side a bit of time to spray a few more things white but will share that in another post soon….So have a good day and take care and I thought before I go I’ll leave you with this gorgeous pic of this mornings sunrise from my little old porch…
Take care…xo

Bonjour I love hearing from you so leave a comment..

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