And I’m Back…..

Bonsoir Home, Love & Life friends….well I’m back from a stint over at wordpress……for me personally I found wordpress just wasn’t working….wordpress is tricky to use and not so easy to find your way around…I got feedback today that some of you weren’t getting my posts in your news feed and had to subscribe via email to follow……I had other feedback that told me it was harder to comment at wordpress and I found for whatever reason I wasn’t getting my lovely worldwide readers like I do here at Blogger… taking all things into consideration I decided I would come back to Blogger where I feel more at home, I know you will all get my posts and my readers from Russia, France, America, Spain etc can still find me… here I shall stay though in time I may have my own domain but it will still be with blogger……Let me just say, if you’re considering the move to wordpress don’t let my experience deter you, go and try it out for yourself it could be right up your alley but for me I really prefer it here at Blogger……

Now onto my day (not that it was majorly exciting)… started off with the usual routine after Chris left for work which involves me going back to bed these days for an extra hour to an hour and a half sleep, then woken up by Bec to get her breakfast, have breakfast myself, shower, fold washing, do dishes (with Luke’s help) make beds, put a loaf of bread on, then head into town only to remember it’s seniors day and there’s no parking as all the seniors are in town doing shopping…….so I take Luke and Bec over to Macca’s for morning tea where we know it will be reasonably quiet to enjoy a Chai Latte…..I haven’t had one for ages and totally enjoyed it….

Chai Latte…got to love them….
Then it was home to take one load of washing out of the dryer and put another load in, feed the chickies, let the dogs out for a run around, assess my white paint craft that’s at a slight stand still, have a chat to a friend who’s been sick, make lunch, attempt to get Bec to have a nap while putting my feet up for a bit……Then Finally at 3pm I took Luke back to town so he could do his shopping as I knew it would be a lot quieter at this time of day and this time we were successful in getting some parking, came home got Bec afternoon tea, had a chat to another friend and then Chris was home…yey…
The chicks are living outside permanently now and loving it…
Tonight I had a hankering for fish and chips and we decided to try the place up the road for the first time….their prices were pretty good but sad to say most of dinner was too oily and soggy…..we had a few pieces of fish, a couple of squid rings, a couple of butterflied prawns, a couple of crab sticks and some chips….the squid, prawns and crab sticks were done nicely however the fish was very, very oily and the chips were over cooked…… safe to say we won’t be going back there for dinner again….Chris said he would have preferred baked beans on toast and that’s saying something…….So any way after dinner we get Bec to bed and just sit down to watch t.v (Chris watching his sport) and blog (me naturally) when we heard and almighty scream coming from outside. Straight away we new it was Milly so we both flew out the front door to find her and make sure she was ok…it took a little while but she eventually came out of hiding and came to us….there is a big ugly cat across the road and I’m pretty sure it was him who attacked her……thankfully she must have got a few scratches in herself because she’s ok and now she’s back inside where it’s warm, asleep on the couch next to Chris and enjoying the heater……we were mostly concerned because we’re pretty sure she’s pregnant, so I don’t think there will be any more night time trips outside for her from now on…..
My beautiful girl Milly…
So there you have it that was my day today, tomorrow I’m kid free so who knows what I’ll get up to…..for now though I’m going to go sit with my hubby and steal some of his body heat as I’m freezing and suffer through some sports news…..(save me!!) So take care and enjoy your night and I’ll catch you all tomorrow….Au revoir….xo

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