Exploration Sunday And A New Hair Cut…..

Bonjour Home, Love and Life friends…..well once again it’s been a while between posts…I’m not sure why there’s such a delay lately only to say I’ve not been doing a great deal of anything special to write about but this weekend was the start of school holidays for us here in W.A so we have Eva for the first week then Bec goes to Perth for the second week……Chris and I decided the other week we really want to start doing more on the weekends with the girls so this week we went and explored Donnybrook and Bridgetown on Sunday……We stopped at Donnybrook first for a picnic and so the girls could play at the Apple Fun Park…..they totally loved it…..If you know anything about W.A then you know Donnybrook is apple home over here….the country side of Donnybrook is beautiful, peaceful and relaxing and you can’t help but enjoy yourself while there…the girls had a ball playing and after two hours they didn’t want to leave but we decided it was time to go for a drive and see Bridgetown….

Donnybrook’s Apple Fun Park

Bec and Eva with Apple and Pear People….
The girls loved this and going round in circles for ages…
Chris bouncing the girls…
Eva the surfer girl…
Bec loves to swing as high as she can go…
Leaving Donnybrook for Bridgetown…these Apple Posts are all over Donnybrook…
From Donnybrook, Bridgetown is about an hours drive from memory…..isn’t it funny when you’re in the car and not doing the driving you don’t really pay attention to how long it takes to get somewhere….We didn’t get to spend as long as I would have liked in Bridgetown as it was 4pm by the time we got there but what I did see of it I totally fell in love with……Bridgetown is home to the Blues Festival every November and this year I’m hoping to get back there to enjoy it…..there are some really great shops in Bridgetown which I know all my lovely interior blogging girlies will appreciate and next time I’m there I’ll make sure I get some pics of them….I did however spot a couple of great fashion shops that we don’t even have here in Busselton…..I also think Bridgetown must have been getting ready for Christmas in July as a lot of the stores were decked out with decorations…..the girls loved Bridgetown too and didn’t want to leave when it was time to come home….I think Bridgetown is a place I could live in as it’s just so me…..the main street of town is huge plus all the side street shops, lots of lovely green pastures and so quiet…..heaven in my book….I really didn’t want to leave either but it was getting late and tummy’s were starting to grumble…
Chris and the girls walking down the main street of Bridgetown….
Eva and Bec loved this clothes shop wewent past and so did I…..I’ll be making sure I have some retail therapy dollars next time we visit…..
I saw this quote and loved it….they had some great things in this shop…as you can tell I was lagging behind hehe…
With our time in Bridgetown brief but nice we headed home just in time as it was starting to get very cold….in fact it has been a freezing week here in the southwest so far…..We had a great weekend and look forward to doing something fun this Saturday with the girls before they go to Perth for the second week of the holidays……
Monday morning was hair cut day for me….Saturday morning I woke up and my hair was driving me mad…it was wild and crazy and not doing anything I wanted it to and it has been doing that for the last couple of weeks so I said enough is enough it’s going……I don’t remember my hair ever being this oily or wacky while pregnant with my other kids but this baby does not want me looking decent in the mornings that’s for sure…..So I called Crystal and she came and cut it for me….it feels better already and at least now when I wake up and it’s wacky and wild it won’t take as long to try and tame it….and here it is….
So what do you think…better?? I’m happy with it and I love the length…
Well I’m off for now as I’ve promised to take the girls into town for morning tea so I’ll check back in later and I’ll try not to leave too long between posts…..who knows something exciting might happen this week….you never know….take care mon amis xo


8 thoughts on “Exploration Sunday And A New Hair Cut…..

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi Amanda…if you have time you must stop and let Grace have a play at the Apple Fun Park she will love it…I will have to investigate Horti Towers next time we go to Bridgetown, thanks for the tip..xo

  2. Amanda says:

    Love your new length hair! We have been past that Donnybrook playground a few times but never stopped but now that Grace is older, she would have a ball there!! We're going down south soon so will have to detour past if we have time. I like Bridgetown too – the street is always nice for a wander and I fell in love with a quirky bric-a-brac / cafe last time we were there called Horti Towers which I'm dying to return to too. Glad you all had fun! x

  3. Michelle Lisle says:

    It was a great day trip though the last few time we've spent a lot of time in the car I find I'm very sore and uncomfortable by the time we get home….I don't think bub likes being squashed for so long hehe…You'd love Bridgetown Nellie….xo

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