Back On Track….

Bonjour mon amis……I do apologise for the long absence and thank those of you who let me know you were missing my posts and wondering where I had disappeared to. To tell you the truth, I’ve just been so tired lately and I had a migraine for three days last week which I couldn’t take anything stronger than panamax for because of the baby, so that killed my mood for blogging as my head was just pounding too much to look at the screen. Also…lately I’ve just felt like there really hasn’t been much to report on as things are going slow but steady here and not a great deal is happening at the moment. I’ve even been a bit slow with my photo a day challenges for instagram and you all know how much I love instagram.

However in the last few days my energy levels feel like they’re picking up again and I’m ready to get back on track with my posts, gardening (assuming the weather warms up just a tad) and I’m even feeling like getting back to the pool to do some swimming. I think I’m definitely feeling the tiredness more with this babythan with any of my others but then my last pregnancy was 17 yrs ago when I had Lauren…so that’s quite a gap between bubs…but I’m loving it.

So any how like I said not too much has been happening just the usual looking after kids and husband, the occasional long drive and watching our chicks getting bigger and bigger. On the downside we did end up having to rehouse both Lady and Molly as they just didn’t settle here and it didn’t matter what we did they wouldn’t stay in the yard….I really didn’t want to part with either of them, especially lady but in the end it was better for them to go somewhere where they couldn’t get out and are happy….from what John at the RSPCA tells me they’re both happy and doing very well.

Bec loving the chickens to death…
Last weekend we took yet another drive but this time we didn’t go as far or for as long but I do plan on going far and long this weekend, Chris just doesn’t know it yet hehe…..we took a drive down to Margaret River with Luke and Bec and stopped at the Chocolate Factory for a quick squiz around and a taste test…they really do make beautiful chocolate….then we continued on into town and had some lunch and a look around ebfore heading home the long way….we really do love our scenic route drives…
Big bro and Lil sis…both loved the chocolate factory….
And now for some baby news, (but for the full edition go to the Baby Journey Page at the top) we had our first ultra sound yesterday and all is going very well and bub looks good….our next ultrasound won’t be until the 19 week mark now and I’m looking forward to it all over again. Clothes for me are already starting to change a little and my hair is still whacky as in the mornings no matter what I do to it so I’m really hoping it settles down soon or I’m going to be living with a hat on my head for the whole summer…lol…..well here is a pic of bub for you but for all the details head over and have a read at the Baby Journey….

I still think we’re having a boy….
Well take care for now mon amis and I’ll be back very soon, I promise….I’m on a mission to get back to my daily blogs so I’m working out bit of a challenge for myself…..Au revoir for now and stay happy….xox

4 thoughts on “Back On Track….

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    Yes finally the tiredness is balancing out Amanda, I still have my moments of waves of tiredness but I know once the weather warms up and I can be out doors more I'll start to feel much better. Yes we will be finding out at the next scan what we're having…I wouldn't normally bother as I'm happy to wait but for Chris I will as I know he'd love a boy and if it is it gives him that extra joy rather than having to wait and if it's a girl he'll love her just as much. I'm sure it's a boy though but we'll see…xoxo

  2. Amanda says:

    So glad all is okay with you and bub Michelle and I hope your tiredness wears off soon and you get that second trimester burst of energy. Are you going to find out what you're having at the next scan or will you wait for a surprise?

  3. Michelle Lisle says:

    Thanks sweety….I hope I do toobut I just realised we've got road trip with the girls so it might be a bit much this weekend but I'm sure we'll manage something….I was so happy to see bub on screen and he kept bopping around….so funny…he had his head pushed right up against my uterus so the poor tech couldn't get a measurement of his head for ages….hehe…so like Chris…camera shy….take care talk soon xo

  4. Nellie McCarthy says:

    I love the pic of bub he looks so cute. I totally understand the lack of inspiration to blog and the tiredness, my posts have been pretty sporadic too, I have the same goal to try and get back to some routine. Take care and I hope you get your nice long drive this weekend. xx

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