And The Recipes Are…..

Bonsoir mon ami’s and how are you all tonight?? Well as promised I’m back to let you know what recipes I have decided to cook from Mastering The Art Of French Cooking by Julia Child. Now I know I said I would be doing two recipes a week but when you take into account what the main meal is and it’s side dishes this one works out to having done four recipes. And for the sweet treat on the weekend that will actually be two recipes, so I’m now beginning to see how Julie, from Julie & Julia was able to get through the entire cook book in a year. You set out to do one dish but you can’t serve just fish or chicken you have to have the side dishes to go with it, hence the working out of four recipes in one night or two recipes as is the case with the dessert.

Now remember I don’t have any pictures to show you as yet because I’m not cooking it until tomorrow night but as soon as it’s all served up I will snap a few pics to put up Friday night. So on with it we go…..Tomorrow night will be Poulet Roti, Pommes de terre sautee, Petit Pois Etuves au buerre et Haricots verts a l’anglaise……in english that is roast chicken with potatoes sauteed in butter and butter peas and green beans…..ok so some of you maybe thinking it’s just a roast but trust me if you read through the way the French do a Poulet Roti and their veggies it’s more than just throughing a chook in the oven and turning it every half hour and throwing the greens into a pot of boiling water until they lose all nutritional value and are soggy…..there is work behind this meal and I am looking forward to the challenge and the end result.

Saturdays sweet treat is going to be Le Marquis avec creme au beurre a l’anglaise…..again in english it’s Chocolate Sponge Cake with Butter Cream with Custard Base…….now I’ve made my share of good chocolate cakes over the years but I’ve never filled and iced one with a custard base so this should be very interesting indeed……all I can say is I’m glad I rearranged my kitchen today to make it more functional and give me more bench space as I’m going to need it badly…

If you want copies of these recipes grab your self a copy of Julia’s book and you won’t go wrong or you can google the recipes and there are many sites out there with Julia’s recipes and you can print them off…..I won’t have time to put them on my recipe page as they are too detailed and will take too long but I will still be putting my other recipes up such as tonights lamb and rosemary rissoles….

Grab yourself a copy and you won’t regret it…
Well Home, Love and Life friends I’m off for now to read through these recipes a little more and make sure I’ve got everything I need for this feast and to just have it clear in my head exactly what I’ll need to be doing..I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and are planning on a fun weekend ahead, take care and I’ll be back asap to let you know how it all went…
Au revoir et Bonne Appetite..xo

4 thoughts on “And The Recipes Are…..

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi Amanda, thanks for letting me know Jeans West does maternity jeans…I would not have thought to look there. Finding clothes for the winter is definitely harder than the summer and although I'm not too big yet I am popping and my normal clothes are becoming uncomfortable.You should watch Julie & Julia it's a wonderful movie and I love it…I would love to read the book to see if it's much different from the movie. Read todays blog and you'll find out just how successful my dishes were….take care xox

  2. Amanda says:

    Hi Michelle, I had just been going through the comments from my fashion post and popped over here to reply to your question when I saw your latest comment on mine 🙂 Thanks for your suggestions. You were asking about where I got my maternity clothes from on my last post. I struggled big time with maternity clothes when I was pregnant with Sophie. It was winter and layering up over a big belly was not so easy, I found dressing in summer easier (although not so comfortable being pregnant in summer with the heat though!) I spent most of the days in winter last year at home wearing a zip up fleece vest of my husbands! 🙂 As for maternity fashion, I bought a few pairs of cheap maternity jeans from Jeans West, other than that, I just wore super stretchy clothes like leggings, jersey material skirts and dresses and tops. Most of these were ones I already owned.I've always wanted to watch Julie & Julia because of the whole blogging connection but still haven't yet 🙂 I think I'd buy the book above purely for the cover – it's gorgeous! Can't wait to see some of the dishes you make from it. Everything sounds so decadent, especially that dessert…yummo!! Happy cooking! xx

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