My Week So Far And Some Me Time….

Hello my lovely Home, Love & Life friends and how are you all doing today? Yesterday was one of those kind of blah days really….but more on that later.

I thought I’d catch you all up with how the week has been going so far… all started on the weekend really when we went to Bunnings to get some tomato bushes. I’m over paying up to $10 a kilo for them and being that we had great success growing our own tomatoes last year I thought, lets do it again this year. While we were there we also got some lettuce and basil, one of my most favourite herbs and the girls got their faces painted….

Two butterfly faces….they love Bunnings too…

Our veggie garden full of lettuce, tomatoes and basil…
So we came home and got straight into putting our new summer veggies in the ground and it was a lovely sunny day…I really didn’t want it to end because although it wasn’t quite warm enough for swimming it was just nice having all that sunshine out and on my skin. While we were outside I finally got around to potting the girls strawberry bushes that we bought last month along with their lovely pots and so far the strawberries are doing really well……I also happened to notice we have some beautiful Jasmine climbing up over our fence and it smells divine….the bush is actually on the neighbours side of the fence and being that the fence is going to be pulled down soon I thought I would take some cuttings and pot them up as I just love Jasmine so much and it’s really hard to find in the gardening sections down here…

 Love the colour of these pots and we have lots of strawberries
coming along….
On a lovely sunny day you can smell this Jasmine wafting
through the backyard… love….
Also in the last week a friend has clipped the chickies wings for me so I can let them loose in the yard without worrying about them getting over the fence and let me just say they are loving their freedom and seem so much happier now…..they roam all day and go in as soon as it gets dark or if it starts to rain and the love chasing pigeons out of the yard… funny to watch….animals are very entertaining if you just sit back and watch them…

The girls totally enjoying their freedom….no eggs yet but it
shouldn’t be long now…a few more weeks…
Sunday morning came with us getting up and going to the meeting which was wonderful…I always feel so at home there and love catching up with my fellow brothers and sisters…there’s nothing quite like being somewhere spiritual…..So after the meeting we came home to not as nice weather as Saturday but the girls were outside playing and Chris was inside watching the Dockers win the footy…and while I watched it with him I couldn’t help but think I should be doing my blog but I just didn’t have the energy….Sundays are a pretty relaxed day for us really….there’s always the meeting first then either visiting friends after or for lunch or just chilling out once we get home before the usual week starts up again…..(of course these are the Sundays there’s no road trip otherwise it’s rush, rush, rush….)
Sunday also happened to mark our 16 weeks along in the baby journey and I can’t believe we’re at this point already…only 2 1/2 weeks and we have our 19 week ultrasound….I’m actually looking forward to finding out if it’s a boy or girl, though I’m still sure it’ll be a boy and he’s getting big..!! I have a feeling he’ll take after Luke size wise…..though hopefully not as big as 9lb 6oz….ouch…!!

16 weeks and popping out all in front…..
I know most people take side photos of their bellies getting bigger but I’ve decided to stick with the straight down shot until my feet disappear (lets face it it’s going to happen lol) then I’ll switch to side shots… you can see for only 16 weeks my belly is getting a roundness to it and thank goodness for the woman who invented the belly belt because without that none of my pants would fit me any more….
Monday was back to school for Eva and off to work for Chris and like all mums I love it when the kids are at school…hehe…I spent the morning doing a little catch up washing from the weekend and just tidying really….there wasn’t a great deal to do as I’ve turned into bit of a cleaning freak lately as I want everything organised and caught up with before the baby comes… me I know I have time but Chris thought I was crazy for buying the bassinet, pram and change table so early on and now we’re almost at the halfway point..!!! Who’s crazy I ask you….not me that’s for sure….you never know when babies are going to make their appearance so better to be prepared in my book….Anyhoo….here I was minding my business when a van pulls up across the road and it turns out it was the delivery guy dropping off our new totaly gym…..
I love this machine…
Chris and I both have gym memberships but I rarely get there now with both girls home and being so busy and by the time the evening rolls around I don’t feel like going out in the cold and I’m usually knackered…..Chris tries to get to the gym most nights but some nights he’s too tired too after a 12hr day at work…..we saw this total gym on t.v the other week before Chris headed off to work and thought it would be worth a shot…..I love it because I can do my pilates on it to help strengthen my back as I’m already getting alot of back pain with bub, espescially sciatic nerve pain…..Chris loves it because now he can work out every night without having to leave the house….we both gave it a test run Monday night and we’re really happy with how easy it is to use and let me just say if you think it looks to easy on the add and you won’t get the same feeling as using weights at the gym, think again…I’m still feeling it in my arms where I never felt it before even from going to the gym….I’m in love and I love the fact that I can use this even though I’m pregnant…woohoo…
Now we come to my blah days….I haven’t been sleeping the best lately…I go off to sleep ok and then a couple of hours later I’m tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. I usually sleep on my side but on my stomach if that makes sense….and well as you know the bigger you get when pregnant the more uncomfortable it is to sleep on your side and impossible to sleep on your stomach. I’ve noticed I’ve been sleeping more on my back, which is something I never usually do and while it’s not too uncomfortable I just don’t sleep properly like I normally do and I’m finding because of this I’m getting less sleep which is making me just a tad irritible and cranky at times….So any way after a day of the girls constantly whinging and fighting with each other and not listening I sent them off to bed early as I was just so tired…this of course led to one of them calling out and whining and carrying on which I just was not in the mood for and neither was Chris….unfortuantely as all you girls know a side effect of being pregnant can be taking things to heart when we shouldn’t….Chris snapped at me, I snapped at him and nobody went to bed happy really….however Chris and I don’t hold grudges and we don’t argue for long so, yesterday morning rolled around and he apologised for being grumpy at me and I got up with him and saw him off to work but I was still feeling a little flat as yet again I slept like hell and I hate arguing of any sort…..(the thing is too is that your kids fight and cause chaos and disturbance that affects you and your husband, then they go to bed and sleep it off and wake up happy as Larry in the morning like nothing happened while you and husband/wife still feel like crap…go figure but it’s one of those things that irritate the life out of me..) Any way yesterday after seeing Chris off to work I got Eva to school, Bec to Bumble Bee and Luke headed off to intework for the day…..Wedensdays are the only day I have completely to myself and I have to admit I love it….I really didn’t know what I was going to do but about 10:30 I decided to give myself a manicure as I haven’t had one in ages and my hands always feel so good afterwards…..I should do it more often being that I’m a qualified nail tech but c’est la vie as they say….
 Even though I do this at home I still set up as if I’m doing a client…

 Thumb nail art…love these…simple yet effective…
Ring finger nail art…I added a red gem to this just to add a
little colour and a bit of zooshing….
Isn’t it funny how doing something so simple for yourself can pick you up and make you feel much better…and I would just like to say thanks to all my lovely Instagramming friends for your lovely feedback on my nails and if you all lived closer I’d give you all manicures….xoxox
Well that’s my week so far…tonight we’re preparing for a weekend in Perth which I’ll fill you all in on next week….for now I’ve still got some packing to do so I’m off for now but take care and havea great weekend….and if you want to follow me on instagram I’m home_love_life……catch you soon xox 



2 thoughts on “My Week So Far And Some Me Time….

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    hey there….the girls love bunnings as much as I do….Can't wait for the chooks to start laying and I'm popping beyond belief…..sorry been gone so long hope to catch up soon…'s things at your end??xox

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