Spring Has Sprung At Last….

Bonjour on this lovely sunny day…finally spring has sprung here in Busselton and it’s the 11th day of september….last week we had some wild storms and plenty of rain but finally and thankfully we have some sunshine and clear skies and I’m loving it…!!

I hope you’ve all been well and enjoying Spring or Fall depending on where in the hemisphere you are…..we actually took a drive to the beach Sunday afternoon as it was just too nice a day to stay home all afternoon…the girls loved it and had a ball….Bec in particular has been asking me heaps lately when she can go back to the beach so she was super excited to put her bathers on, grab her towel and hop in the car….

Chris chasing the girls…cloudy but nice…
Beautiful rays coming through the clouds….
We really didn’t do a great deal this weekend but it was just nice hanging out as a family enjoying the sunshine and doing some gardening and watching the girls play in the yard…..I also happened to notice that I have some new shoots on my standard Iceberg rose bush and I can’t wait until it’s flowering….Icebergs have been a favourite of mine for years now and I just can’t resist them….
Looking forward to some beautiful blooms…
Last week I also had another good find at Thingz Living….my computer desk was looking good but lacking something…it needed a little more zsa zsa zsu….and I just happened to find exactly what it needed….a gorgeous picture…
Now it looks finished and I love this pic….
Last weekend while in Perth we had a great time catching up with friends and spending time at the convention and it was lovely to have a couple of days kid free which we haven’t had in such a long time now….We had a great dinner Saturday night with Lyn and she surprised us with some pressies for bub…..
 Towels, flannels, wipes, chemical free bath wash and shampoo,
a rattle come teething ring and some thermals for next winter..
 Bubs’ stuff so far…more linen than clothes…we’ll fix that little
problem very soon….we have more singlets than outfits …
I have been finding lately that I have been getting very tired with the pregnancy and little things are bothering me just a tad more than they usually would, espescially by the late afternoon….I really look forward to Chris walking through the door at the end of the day and last week he knew I had had enough of kids fighting and was tired and getting quite cranky so he did something very sweet for me…..he ran me a bath and made it all girly and lovely….take a look…

Candles and flower petals….such a romantic….love heaps…
It was lovely to just soak and relax…
The left over flowers….
Chris is such a sweety and a good husband and I’m sure I’ve been driving him crazy at times with getting cranky and tired but he doesn’t get grumpy with me….
Sunday also marked the 18 week mark with the pregnancy so technically we are at the halfway point and I am popping like mad and have started to feel a few fluttery kicks….a few far and in between at the moment but no doubt they will pick up soon……Next Monday we have our 19 week ultrasound and hopefully they will be bale to tell us if we’re having a boy or girl and I will let you all know….I’m still betting on a boy….Chris was betting on a girl but I think he’s undecided now….really as long as they’re healthy we’ll be happy…..
The feet are slowly disappearing….18 weeks along…
Well I’m off for now as I have some washing to fold and some rissoles to prepare for dinner tonight but I will be back very soon (possibly tomorrow) as I have a few decor things going at the moment that I’d love to share with you….have a wonderful afternoon and take care and we’ll talk again soon….Au revoir…xoxo



6 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung At Last….

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    Thanks Lauren…..your pics always make me want to travel…Denmark looks like a beautiful place to live….yes I love the beach so much and have ever since I was little….I hope you get to the beach soon…I'm sure Isaac would love it 🙂

  2. ladaisi says:

    Congrats on the halfway point! You're almost there, beautiful mama!Your photos make me desperately miss the beach, and having babysitters so I can go on dates. 🙂 Ah, soon. Hope.

  3. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi Nellie…Thanks it's good to be back..kind of lost my mojo for a bit there but it's coming back now 🙂 Chris has been great and he's getting more concerned each day as my sciatic nerve has been quite bad lately so he worries but I keep telling him there's not alot that can be done…just a part of pregnancy…I can't believe our scans are at the same time let alone the same day so I will be texting you when I'm done to see how yours went….I wish I had more energy but so far I'm making it through the days…though I'd like to know where all this second trimester energy is that we're supposed to have?? You take care to sweety and we'll talk soon…xox

  4. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi Cas…I'm so happy for some sun as I'm just over winter and being cold all the time lately so am looking forward to soaking up some rays and lots more time at the beach before bub gets here…..those little movements are coming from a big baby I'm sure hehe….considering the way I'm popping….will talk to you Monday and let you know how ultrasound goes…. :)xox

  5. Nellie McCarthy says:

    It is so lovely that you're back 🙂 It was nice catching up with your life and seeing what you have been up to. What a lovely hubby you have, looking after you so well and making sure you get some time out. I have been feeling much better lately and am enjoying having some energy. I am so glad we have our scans on the same day, I am really looking forward to it. You are so organised with bubs stuff, I haven't bought anything yet. Take care Michelle, love seeing your belly pics xx

  6. Peaches & Maple says:

    Hey Michelle :)I'm glad you guys have finally had some sun…sounds like you had a great weekend! It's so exciting when you feel those first little signs of movement happening in your tummy. I'll be thinking of you next Monday too :)Cas x

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