Who Will Be First….

Bonjour and I hope everyone’s morning is going well so far……If you know me then you know I’m friends with the lovely Nellie over at McCarthy Designs and Occasions and if you’re new to my blog then pop over and check Nellies out too she also has an online shop by the same name…..anyhoo…..Nellie and I are both 20 weeks pregnant and we knew each other was pregnant before we told anyone in our circle of family and friends……we are enjoying this journey together very much and we only wished we lived closer to each other so we could catch up….it’s amazing to me that two people who are both 20 weeks along can carry a baby so differently…..Nellie is tiny and barely showing and I’m exploding like there’s no tomorrow…..hehe…Now I was a size 16 before I fell pregnant and thankfully I’m just exploding in front and haven’t put on too much weight but I can feel in my bones I’m going to have another big baby….probably close to the 9lb mark I reckon….Luke was 9lb 6oz and I do believe this little man is taking after his big brother….

20 weeks and 2 days….no hiding this baby that’s for sure…

It will be very interesting to see who goes into labour first and Nellie and I joke about instagramming and blogging about the bubs while we do midnight feeds….lol…

I will be updating the Baby Journey page very soon so keep your eyes open for all the latest news…we have bubs coming home outfit, will be picking up his furniture soon and making some sheet sets for him too with some gorgeous material I got from Spotlight…..Well I’m out of here for now as I have a few things to do and an impatient Bec complaining she’s starving…yet again….take care and I’ll be back soon….Au revoir…xo


2 thoughts on “Who Will Be First….

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi Nellie….I don't know about adorable but thanks..xo…I barely showed with my oldest til I was 7 months along…..not so with Luke or this one….yes here's to the next 20 weeks and lets hope they don't fly by or drag out…xo

  2. Nellie McCarthy says:

    Lol, you look adorable and yes it is amazing how 20 weeks pregnant can look so different on different people. I often google photos to see how I compare. Some people barely show at all and others have a nice round belly. Here's to the next 20 weeks! xx

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