Listing Creations…Etsy Here I Come…

Bonjour and how are you all doing today? Well I hope and if you’re unwell then I hope you’re feeling better soon 🙂

As most of you know (espescially if you follow me on instagram) I’ve been on a sewing mission lately….It started with making a change mat for bub because I was bored and then I decided to make some bibs….my mum had made a ton of bibs for me when I had James so I thought I’d give it a go…after doing some research on patterns and finding a couple I like I got the machine out and whipped one up…I was amazed at how easy it was, I knew it couldn’t be too hard but to be so easy was a little surprising……once I had a couple of bibs done I thought I’d try a summer hat as well….so once again I did some research on how to make a hat and although it was slightly tricky it was still on the easy side….

So some of you may be asking ‘why bother making bibs and hats when they’re readily available in any shop?’…..Well the reason I have started making them is because after doing clothes shopping for bub I have noticed that bibs and hats are in my opinion, ridiculously over priced..!! Bibs and hats don’t take much fabric and they don’t take much time to make either….and when you have places like K-Mart, Big W and Target as well as other stores asking $14 for a pack of 8 – 10 bibs and between $5 and $10 for a hat for a baby, I personally think and know those prices are crazy when they can be made so much cheaper……Any way I’m not here to retail bash the stores as I shop at all of them for plenty of things and just want to share with you some of my creations I’ve made over the last week….

The first bib I how easy it was to do…
Followed by the first hat I made…love the bee button..
I love this fabric…
This was when I realised bibs didn’t have to be solely from ‘baby’ fabric…
My absolute fave…for the yuppy bubby…lol..
For the little misses out there…
This is my starry, starry night bib…
Without the pocket…
I love this hat and the button finishes it off…
As you can see some of the bibs have pockets and the last one shown doesn’t have one, I’ve also made another Paris bib without the pocket….I love putting the buttons on the hats as it finishes them off and makes them a little more unique…..I also plan on making some winter beanie hats and burping bibs…for those of you like me who don’t know what a ‘burping bib’ is it’s a throw over the shoulder cloth for when you’re burping bub…..we’ve all thrown a spare towel, tea towel or towelling nappy over our shoulders to protect our clothes from spit up but until I was putting some clothes away from my sister for bub I’d never actually seen one or even knew they’d been made as such….so I’m putting my own spin on them and whipping a few up….I will show you when I’ve made some….
I’ve been on such a roll with sewing and happily making things for bub and fighting with the tension on  my machine that while I was busy I had an idea……I’m going to set up shop on very soon with very reasonable prices….I feel strongly that when things can be made so reasonably priced there’s no reason we should be over charged for them……I will be providing bibs with and without pockets, hats for summer and winter, bassinet sheet sets (as they’re impossible to find in stores), burping bibs (though mine are called something else which I’ll share soon), change mats…’traditional’ and some new designs of my own and whatever else I can think of…..if you have any suggestions I’m happy to hear them….
I haven’t registered with etsy yet as I want to get the brand of my items copyrighted before I start but as soon as that is done I will let you all know, oh  and I want to have a decent pile of items to list as well….Also the items I’ve showed today are for my little mr as these are all test run items but the blue and pink bib will be up for grabs….if anyone is interested in wanting that bib now just leave me a message and I’ll get back to you…
Well I hope you will all pop over to etsy when I’m registered and have a look….for now take care and I’m headed off to spotlight soon for some more fabric so I can get busy now that my little man has plenty of bibs and hats……Chris and I both keep saying he’ll be the most fashionable baby in Busselton with the matching bib and hat sets…..they are after all one of a kind…..have a wonderful day and I’ll be back soon….Au revoir for now…xox

8 thoughts on “Listing Creations…Etsy Here I Come…

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi Stacey…so glad you could pop over for a visit and a read:) I loved that bee button too as soon as I saw it…..the yuppy bubby bib is definitely my fave and I came up with it on the spot as it just looked so fancy…I love the fact the bibs don't have to be 'baby' material…..Pepper would look adorable in the yuppy bubby bib so if you'd like one let me know….hope to see you again soon….xo

  2. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi Nellie…I'm glad I had the idea too and am glad you like the bib and hat…sure you can order a set now if you like but I haven't worked out prices as yet….would you like the bib with or without the pocket on the front?? Both are pictured so just let me know….xo

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