Finding A Balance….

Bonjour on this lovely sunny morning mon ami’s. I hope you all have a great day to look forward too and plans for the weekend.

Well as you all know I have been busy sewing, sewing, sewing and still there is more to do. I have some how ended up with more girl bibs than boy bibs but that will be sorted very soon, the main thing is I actually have quite a few bibs to list on etsy now and yesterday I found just what I needed to make up some burping cloths.

More bibs to list on etsy and my first girls pack of 5 is ready to go…

I also made bubs first sheet set and it came out really well beside the fact I thought I had cut the bottom sheet too long so re-adjusted the length only to have it just fit the mattress……don’t you hate it when you ignore your first instincts…..I completely forgot that once I ran the elastic through (it’s a fitted sheet obviously) the sheet the elastic would pull it all in and adjust the size any way…..oh well live and learn as they say, the main thing is it fits and looks great…I made the top sheet in a sleeping bag style so even if bub is wriggly and kicks alot his little legs and feet will still be covered….Luke was a real wriggly baby and always kicking his blankets off and I was always covering him back up but I will win with this bub……

My first sheet set….I love this fabric with the sharks…the next set is turtles and it’s gorgeous…

So while the sewing has been going great and in full swing my blogging has been suffering terribly…it’s always in the back of my mind I want to blog and have stuff to tell you all but usually by the time my day is over from the school run (which I’m so over by the way, if there’s one time of day I hate it’s the end of a school day), sewing, cleaning the house and everything that goes with it, organising dinner and getting kids to bed I’m just too pooped to sit down and blog…..I’m finding I’m really starting to feel more tired at the end of the day lately and that’s probably because I don’t go back to bed once Chris goes to work, so I’m up from 5:30am and then with bub getting bigger and bigger and taking all my energy and the girls messing around when they should be going to sleep…well I’m ready to close my eyes myself and veg out…I’ve been falling asleep on the couch lately before I even make it to bed…lol…..but I am determined to find some time somewhere to keep up with my posts, so bear with me if I’m a little lax and I appreciate all of you who still come and visit and read even though I’m not here…xoxo

Tuesday I decided to take some time out and get my hair done (yet again) and it was good to sit and relax and chat with my hairdresser while she did all the work…..once again I have gone back to my natural colour, although I love the blonde the maintenance drives me crazy after a while and being brunette is so much easier to touch up quickly than blonde… brunette I am again…Some of you might remember my post about Blonde vs Brunette and this has been going on with me for 20yrs however I’m determined to keep things simple in my life so I think staying a brunette is one of the easiest way of doing this…for now….lol….

 Back to my natural colour and enjoying it…
Well I’m off for now, I have some children to wake up and get ready for school and lots more sewing to do today as well as washing, cleaning etc…So I will be back soon…if you’d like to follow me on instagram to keep up with what’s happening with Yuppy Bubby you can follow me at HOME_LOVE_LIFE so take care and have a great day…xo

Bonjour I love hearing from you so leave a comment..

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