Fridays Photography Revived…..

Bonjour mon ami’s, I hope you’re all happy it’s Friday….I sure am but it means a trip to Perth I’d rather not be making…We’re taking Luke to Perth for his Dad’s wedding, I can think of better ways to spend my weekend but we’re doing it for Luke and he appreciates it….
Any how, yesterday I promised I would be reviving something I had neglected….and as you can see from the post title it’s Fridays Photography….The last photography post I did was back in April right before we moved (Fridays Photography Post 12)… I can’t believe it got away from me for so long. I enjoy my Fridays Photography as it gives me a reason to get out and see what’s around me and share what I find….I only realised I hadn’t done one for so long when I was looking back through some older posts….

Todays post is just a quick one though as I’m on limited time this morning to get everything done before we leave here by 1pm for a three hour drive….aye..the things we do for our kids….oh well. Obviously these pics are not from today because I’m still in my dressing gown at 6:32am and don’t have time to get out but I thought I’d share a couple of pics from the last couple of weeks of instagramming……Enjoy…

Loving my sewing machine as I have been sewing up a storm on it for YuppyBubby…

Our chooks finally started laying a few weeks ago and are going nice and steady each day…

Three Burping Cloths I made yesterday for bub….I have two more for YuppyBubby waiting to be put together on Monday…

And the nicest surprise I’ve had all week was walking outside and finding my iceberg blooming away….My all time favourite white rose….

So there you have it just a bit of what I’ve been up to lately around home….Next week I’ll have something a little different to show you…..So I hope you all have a great weekend with lots of fun and I’ll be back asap…..Perth is not my most favourite place to go so I may even get a quick post in while I’m there as I’m taking the laptop with me….Au revoir for now and take care….xo



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