Pampering With Difficulty….

Bonjour mon ami’s and how are we all today?? So far here the sun is shining and there’s not a cloud in the sky and I’m hoping it stays that way for a few days as we’ve had a cold and wet start to November.
So anyhow last night after a looong day I decided to go have a nice long hot shower to de-stress and relax while hubby did a workout. Have you ever just needed to soak in the tub or stand under a hot shower…?? I’m sure most of you have at some point and that’s exactly what I did, I stood under a lovely hot shower and just relaxed (our tub is just way too low for me to get in and out of now)…..though it is a little hard to relax when you’re pregnant and standing in one place for a long time leads to sore feet eventually… I tend to shuffle from foot to foot.
I washed my hair with my fave shampoo and conditioner (will tell you which one soon), cleansed my face with a scrub I couldn’t live without and did the rest (will not give details here hehe) with a lovely body wash. Then just stood and let the water run…..I’m one of these people that really doesn’t care how long I take in the shower when I have time to take as long as I want. At our old house we were on storage water system so you had between 10-15 minutes before you lost all hot water….very frustrating when you have a head full of shampoo…!! However we’re now on instant hot water and I love it……So anyhoo with all that done I looked down and realised my legs really needed shaving…hmm dilemma….it’s getting hard enough to bend over to pick up something off the floor let alone shave my legs…but I don’t like being in pants all the time and am dying to get back into my dresses….so an attempt at shaving the legs it was……
Now I had to navigate how I was going to do this as I would usually do it while in the shower but last time I did I almost slipped over and ended up with a sore back so a more practical idea was needed now I’m getting bigger…..So I hopped out of my nice hot shower and decided it would be easiest sitting on the edge of the bath tub…which proved to be a lot easier than I thought it would be…mission accomplished, I no longer have hairier legs than a gorilla and feel much better…
Smooth hair free legs and new comfy pj’s….bliss..

I have noticed my skin has been a bit drier than usual lately, again more than likely from being pregnant, so I made sure I moistuised well after my shower and I have found an amazing cream that helps with the tummy while skin is stretching and accomadating bub….

But before I get to that cream I’ll share a few of my favourite products I like to use. I like to keep things as chemical free as possible at home after learning years ago about what really goes into shampoos and body washes….

Alchemy has been my fave shampoo for years and completely natural…

I love cocoa butter’s intoxicating..

If you need a new exfoliator then you have to try Dr Lewinn’s…I use it almost everyday…couldn’t live without it…

My fave night cream and is really good for sun damage and pigmentation….my skin always feels so soft in the morning….
I have beenusing Garnier since running out of my Dr Lewinn’s day cream and it’s pretty good…
I love these in summer as it cools your whole face right down…if you haven’t tried one try it this summer….
When I worked in Priceline years ago I sold heaps of this to new mums and other women but until recently didn’t need it myself….now though it’s a saver for hiding those dark circles under the eyes…
I never used to be a Vaseline lover as I found it too greasy but being this one has cocoa butter I thought I’d try it and I have to say it’s very hydrating especially on just shaved legs…
And this is my absolute fave product at the moment…I wish they had something like this 21yrs ago when I had my first son…would have saved a lot of stretch marks….though I have noticed since using it it’s fading old stretch mark scars as well as scars from surgery when my gall bladder was removed…
So there you have it these are my fave things I use and it seems like a lot doesn’t it…?? The things we women do…but if they didn’t work I wouldn’t recommend them…I have been using Dr Lewinn’s for four years now and happily recommend it….when I find products I love I like to share the news and pass it on… if you have any questions about any of these products or others feel free to ask me and I’ll give you an honest opinion….
Well have a great night I’m off to make Taco’s for dinner tonight and I have a special post tomorrow…it’s something I’ve neglected of late but didn’t even realise it until recently so I will share more tomorrow…..Au revoir for now and take care…xo 

Bonjour I love hearing from you so leave a comment..

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