A Blog Clean Up And Some Home Sprucing…..

Well today I’m sorting through my blog and cleaning it up. I’m finding there’s too much going on here and I want to simplify it before bub comes so I don’t feel as if I have a hundred categories I need to keep up with. So I have removed the ‘Things I learnt today’ page as well as the ‘Recipes’ page. I’ve found that lately these two pages aren’t getting any time and I haven’t posted anything on them in forever so while I’ll continue to share thoughts and inspiration of things I learn in life it’ll just be in a regular post. The same for the recipes, I just haven’t had time to update lately and I haven’t been baking much lately either. However since finding out I have gestational diabetes I have found some good brekky and lunch recipes I’ll share with you. I also need to get int touch with my cousin Nikki to see what in the world is happening with The Travelling Diary.

As for the rest of the day, well we’ve gone from sunshine early in the week to wet, wild windy storms the last two days. It’s as if winter is trying to make a return, one no one seems to want though….even though it got quite warm last week I was enjoying the warm weather and loooking forward to heading down the beach. Bec kind of put a spanner in the works there as she had gastro all weekend so we didn’t go anywhere. The weather is supposed to clear by the weekend but then we’re supposed to be back to showers by midweek next week…..it’s all too weird for me. So because it’s cold, wet and windy I am home sprucing up a bit. A ton of washing has been folded and put away, my desk has been tidied up and dusted, the kitchen has been thoroughly cleaned and next it’s onto the bathroom.

How I’m wishing my folded laundry looked today….

My Dream bathroom…I’ve pinned this from pinterest and I can’t say for sure but it looks very much like the bathroom that Sarah Richardson designed in one of her houses she renovated…..I love these curtains…

My desk and a place in the house I love…it’s not fancy but it’s me and it’s what works…

Who wouldn’t want to cook up a storm in this french country kitchen…I know I would..

Well enough dreaming of the perfect house tucked away in France somewhere I’m off to finish my sprucing up and make this place look as clean, fresh and french as I can…if we weren’t renting soooo much would be done by now…….take care and I’ll be back soon…Au revoir for now…xo




4 thoughts on “A Blog Clean Up And Some Home Sprucing…..

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    hehe that's ok, thanks for visiting Bec and I'm glad you liked the blog…yes I am very much in nesting mode with only ten weeks to go til bub is here….tomorrow is a day for sorting out my case for hospital…thanks again for visiting and feel free to stop by any time…xo

  2. Michelle Lisle says:

    Yes but mostly busy out of frustration of things not being how I would really like them….unfortunately our owners are quite tough about what we can do here so it's taking a while to really feel like it's home….and although I'm born and raised in Australia I've always had a longing to live in France our New York….xo

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