A Baby Update Part II…..

Bonjour and how are you all on this warm day? It’s starting to get just a tad too hot and uncomfortable for my liking but then I suppose resting the laptop on my legs isn’t helping, oh well c’est la vie as they say.
So I have another quick update for you all on bub. Today I saw my doctor and while she is happy with how everything is progressing with bub and he’s not getting too big due to the gestational diabetes I will be having another scan in a few weeks to make sure he doesn’t do any sudden jump in size. It’s not good for babies who are being carried by mums with GD to get too big as it only causes complications for bub and can cause delivery complications for me.
12 weeks along…
While talking with my doctor today I just happened to ask her how long over my new due date (2nd feb) they’ll let me go over and to my surprise…they won’t!! Nope they absolutely won’t allow you to go past your due date when you have GD…..so if he hasn’t made an appearance of his own accord by the 2nd Feb I’ll be induced on the 1st Feb and that’s the day he’ll arrive, assuming there’s no 24hr long labor!! I didn’t have long labors with the others so I’m hoping all will be good here too.

19 weeks along and we found out we’re having a boy…

I guess now I have an actual date I should in theory deliver bub, I can organise myself, Bec and Luke. Mum has already said she’ll stay with Bec and Luke and I think for Luke it’ll be good if he goes to work as per usual or he will worry and stress about how I’m going. He’s always been my worrier over me. Bec will probably put up bit of a fight and want to come and ‘help’ deliver the baby but she’ll be staying put. As it turns out she’ll have some very big news for when she starts kindy on the Monday.

What we thought was our 31week scan but in actuality turned out to be our 33week scan…

Well I thought I’d keep you all in the loop as there’s still the week to get through before the baby update on Sunday. I’ll have a scan in a few weeks and let you all know how that one goes too and obviously should anything happen before the 1st Feb there will be a quick instagram to let you all know I’m on my way.

Ok I’m out of here to bring in some washing now it’s cooling down and we have a breeze and to put some more washing out, got to love this weather now I don’t have to use the dryer. Enjoy the rest of your Monday and I’ll be back tomorrow with a little something I’ll be working on….take care and Au revoir for now…..xo



4 thoughts on “A Baby Update Part II…..

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    Thanks sweety, yes I actually feel a little relieved knowing when he'll be born if he doesn't come earlier as I feel I can plan the day and once the pain is over just enjoy it. I know Chris and I will be fighting over whose turn it'll be to hold him but I'll let him have lots more cuddles while I'm in hospital as he has to go home at some point and I'll get to spend a lot of time with bub.I do love the ultrsounds and getting to see him jumping around, it's reassuring that he's fine and getting very strong, I've copped some whopper kicks lately…lol. Am so happy for you too that all is well and you're home now….make sure you keep your bed rest up as much as possible…..talk soon…xo

  2. Michelle Lisle says:

    Hi Amanda, yes I don't like the heat at the best of times but being pregnant just makes it that much more unbearable. I'm so looking forward to meeting our little man and I'm sure Chris can't wait to get him in his arms too as it'll be his only son and I know he already has all sorts of toys and things planned for him when he's bigger including a car bed…lol….not getting ahead of himself is he….xo

  3. Nellie McCarthy says:

    How exciting for you Michelle having an earlier due date. It will be so lovely to finally have him in your arms. I am so glad that everything is going well with the GD and that bub is doing well it is good that they will monitor you closely and lovely for you to get to see him again with another scan in a few weeks. I know I look forward to my weekly glimpses of bub and love seeing how much he has grown each week. Take care and make sure you put your feet up to rest as much as possible when ever you get the chance. xx

  4. Amanda says:

    Such a hot one isn't it? Being pregnant in the hot weather is not fun – hope you're keeping cool with your feet up. Very exciting knowing that your precious bub will be here at the latest on 2nd Feb!!! x

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