From Country Wood To Coastal White…

Bonjour and how are we all today? I hope you all had a good weekend and got lots done…we had a relatively quiet weekend with a trip to Bunbury to pick up a car seat for bub on Saturday, the meeting Sunday morning of course and then a trip to the beach after lunch Sunday. All in all it was a good, quietish and relaxing weekend.
I have been quiet again on the lil ole blog here for a few days simply because I haven’t had a lot to report and I’ve been attempting to get a project done to share with you all. However every time I try and start this project something comes along to stop me but not today!! Today I finally got started on revamping my mirror I bought years ago…..when I first bought it it was stained and I loved it but then at the time of buying it I was very much into my house being everything country. And though I love the geometry of my mirror I just felt it was time for a revamp to join the French/Beach/Coastal theme I have going on here now and so far all has gone well.
Country wood…I loved the shape of this mirror the moment I saw it five years ago..
Sanded back to bare bones and what a beautiful grain this wood has….I should have been a carpenter…
Drying…amazing how a coat of white paint freshens everything up…
Completely revamped with mirror back in place…
Nice and bright and freshened up…
Well I have to say I’m very happy with how well my mirror came out, it looks much more fresh, bright and crisp…..also if fits the theme with the rest of the house now especially considering it probably won’t reside in our bedroom forever….
So tomorrow I’ve got some sewing on the menu as well as some stencil making….I’m really trying to get as many projects done in the next six weeks before bub gets here…..I’ll be revamping an old china cabinet while Bec’s away on hoilday so keep a watch….I’m off for now as I have a few things before turning in for the night so have a good week where ever you are, I’ll be back tomorrow with an update on the baby journey and to show you what I’ve been making on the sewing machine….take care for now….Au revoir….xo

6 thoughts on “From Country Wood To Coastal White…

  1. Michelle Lisle says:

    Thanks sweety, I thought it looked a lot fresher too and am happy with how well it came out…I'm going to give it a good go at getting as many projects done as possible because something tells me everything will be on hiatus while I get into a routine with bub…xo

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