2012…A Year In Review…..

Bonjour and if this is your first time visiting then welcome to my first post for 2013 and I hope you enjoy your visit and come back often….xo
Well another year has gone by and another one is just beginning….sometimes I think not much has really happened but then when I think about it I’m reminded that a lot has actually happened. At the beginning of last year we found out we had to move and looked at buying a house but that isn’t possible for the time being so we found a nice house on a big block to rent and got some chickens and now only live a couple of hundred meters from the beach.
It’s been so nice living so close to the water…
Our chicks the day we bought them home….now they’re laying up to four eggs a day…
Not long after moving into our new little house we found out we were expecting a little bundle of joy in the form of a boy…yey….after twelve months of trying and nothing happening and then giving ourselves a deadline to be pregnant by our little man found his way and is now due in just over four weeks time….It has been the quickest nine months ever…
Confirmation our little one was on their way….such a happy day..
12 weeks and his first official photo….not long to go now..
As a family we took some much needed road trip adventures to different towns here in our South West and had a lot of fun….
At the Apple Fun Park in Donnybrook….
Walking the main street of town in Bridgetown…I fell in love with Bridgetown this day…
Of course we had to visit the Margaret River Chocolate Factory…
Lunch at Bluestone Cafe in Boyup Brook….W.A’s capital of country music…
This year I also discovered a love of white washing my furniture I wanted to revamp and am so glad I had many fellow bloggers to give me tips on how to do it….
I was so happy with the way this came out and the new fabric cover….
I finally revamped my Pops’ cupboard he made though now it has a cool pair of Paris handles….
Even my favourite mirror was revamped and white washed…..
Also I started a new venture which is taking a little bit of time to get off the ground but with some persistence I’m sure it will do well……Yuppy Bubby was born while I was making some bibs for bub and I’m so happy do be making and selling my own wares and I hope you will all enjoy them too…
My business card designed by me…..
A selection of YuppyBubby bibs….
A Yuppy Bubby summer hat….
Yuppy Bubby Burping Bibs…
Yuppy Bubby sheet sets…..
A Yuppy Bubby Breast Feeding Cover
And finally a Yuppy Bubby Library Bag for the Kindy kids and up..
As you can see I’ve got a variety of products going for Yuppy Bubby and this year I’m determined to promote them on etsy and my facebook page, YuppyBubby – Bits & Bobs For Bub and really find my target audience….There will also be a few more additions to the school range very soon…
Of course lots more happened in 2012 however it’s impossible to share all of it in one post as we’d be here quite a while but I think the most exciting thing which is soon to come was falling pregnant with our little man and waiting out the next four weeks a little impatiently so we can finally meet him….
Here’s hoping 2013 is a great year for us all and that we all have many wonderful adventures along the way….take care for now and I’ll be back soon….xo

Bonjour I love hearing from you so leave a comment..

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