Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot & A Tad Sore……

Bonjour mon amis and how are we all doing so far this week? I hope you’re all keeping well, cool and safe, especially for all those where there are bush fires burning at the moment….xo
Well Saturday we picked up the Eva and Bec from Manjimup to bring them home and while it was a warmish day it was bearable, apart from the part where I spent three hours treating them for headlice…it’s always a lovely present to have come home…not..!! So with that done we got on with what was left of our day which wasn’t much and went to bed hot and tired…..During the night I woke up with severe pain in my right wrist and could barely move it….Come the morning we decided a trip to the hospital was in order as I was in so much pain and it turns out it’s bad tendonitis….So the doctor strapped it and said give it a couple of days and see how I go as there’s really not much they can do and being that I’m pregnant it’ll be worse because of ligaments in all joints relaxing to prepare for bub…..I’ve never had tendonitis before but now I know why people complain when they do because it really is painful…
All strapped up after a visit to the hospital…
After we finished at the hospital we went and had some lunch out and then decided to take the girls and Luke to The Candy Cow and the Chocolate Factory for the afternoon…It was a good outing even though for me I was strapped up, hot and having braxton hicks every half hour for a few hours and my favourite thongs I’ve had for four years broke on me so I had to squeeze my feet into my flats that are now too tight…aye…and this little man of ours keeps playing games and making us think he’s going to come then settles down and does nothing….cheeky monkey…
Yesterday Chris had the day off work and we decided to go to Bunbury as I wanted to pop into spotlight for some more fabric and needed to do some shoe shopping at Novo as both pairs of my favourite thongs broke in the same week…..damn swollen pregnant feet….If I had known how hot it was going to be yesterday there’s no way I would have left the house or especially gone to bunbury 30 minutes…..by the time we got to bunbury it was stinking hot and muggy…not a pleasant day to be out shopping really….thankfully the air con in spotlight was working pretty well and I did my best not to take too long to find some fabric I liked and get out of there as it’s not Chris’ fave place (just like Bunnings hehe) and the girls were getting bored. So we got back in the hot car and went up to Big W where thankfully their shopping centers air con was working much better…..Luke headed straight for Big W and Me, Chris and the girls headed straight for Novo and thankfully for me there were heaps of shoes on sale and it didn’t take me long to find a pair I like and that fitted comfortably and of course they were on sale….
New shoes from Novo only $15 down from $40…still one of my fave shoe shops and I’m so glad we have one down this way now as I missed out on many a baragin leaving the city….
Nice new fabric I have some ideas for…I just hope my hand doesn’t keep me out of action for too long….
We stopped at the cafe and had lunch there which was lovely and refreshing and waited for Luke who actually didn’t realise we’d gone to have lunch…..So once we finished lunch we found Luke and headed into Big W to let the girls choose an end of year present for each other…once that was painfully accomplished we walked back outside into the heat where it felt like it had gone up another ten degrees and decided it was time to go home but not without stopping at Maccas first so everyone could get an ice cold drink for the trip home and some lunch for Luke…
It was ice cold frozen coke all round for the trip home…except the girls had ice cold lemonade…
After a hot trip on the road (the air con in the car doesn’t really work) we came home to a hot house and that’s the way it stayed for the rest of the afternoon, into the evening and all night….there wasn’t a drop of breeze around at all last night and no one really slept well at all……Oh and because I unstrapped my hand yesterday I had the joy of waking up to it in the middle of the night again in even worse pain than it had been Saturday night…so I got up hot, clammy, sweaty, grumpy and tired and sat under the cool of the fan, re-strapped my wrist and resisted the urge to grab a pair of scissors and cut my hair off as it was driving me so mad from being stuck to my head…Thankfully strapping my wrist helped alleviate some of the pain but the heat still made it oh so dfficult to sleep……and unfortuantely we have had just as hot a day today as it was yesterday only this time we have stayed home and are heading straight to the beach as soon as Chris is home from work…..ahhh I can feel that cool water on my skin already and if I go into labour then so be it….hehe….Chris will just have to drag me out to make me got to the hospital…..this baby’s going to be a water baby…..especially if he takes after me….
And we shall be doing a repeat of this day today as soon as Chris is home….oh how I love the water…
Well I know it must sound like I’m complaining a hell of a lot but I’m really not, I just can’t believe this heat has come out of nowhere pretty much and how sore tendonitis can leave a person…who knew??….not me but I sure as heck do now……well until next time have a great day and a good week and I’ll be back soon….hopefully I can do some sewing in a couple of days and I can show you all what I’ve been doing…take care and Au revoir for now…..xo

Bonjour I love hearing from you so leave a comment..

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