A Fresh Start……

Welcome to My Life, My Loves, My Home……

Blogging for me so far this year has been somewhat spasmodic, especially after having Francis…..when I first came home with Francis there was no time at all to blog then as time has gone on there’s been little time to blog and now he goes down and is asleep by 8:30pm, I have time to blog once again.

Having Francis has kind of felt like a fresh start with life. It’s not really new to me as   I have three older kids, therefore I’m much more relaxed looking after bub and figuring out very quickly which cries are for what, not that he ever cries much at all. I thought after I had Lauren at 20yrs old that I had done my bit for world population and my role was finished. Well I was mistaken wasn’t I hehe….

So here on this little ol’ blog you’ll find me rambling about how much I love my baby boy (Just in case it wasn’t obvious lol), my hubby and family in general. There will also be plenty of cooking going on as well as all my revamping projects that are still temporarily on hold and a whole bunch of other stuff I hope you’ll enjoy.

Now this post should have been up last night so some of you may have seen the new site already and for those of you who haven’t, welcome and I hope you’ll enjoy your time here and leave lots of comments.

Michelle xo

A Blog Clean Up And Some Home Sprucing.....


One thought on “A Fresh Start……

  1. Kris says:

    Hi Hun , so good to see you back 🙂 ,, I know what you mean about babies giving a fresh start 🙂 as you’ve seen I am loving our new little grand baby and I have started my journey to a fresh start with my giving up smoking! I to shall be back into blogging 🙂 looking forward to your future post xx Kris

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