A Piece Of History Passed On….

Bonjour mon ami’s I hope you’re all doing well and having a great week so far. I’m fighting off the kids colds at the moment and hoping it doesn’t take a hold.

Years ago I was given my grandfathers Mitzubishi Magna by my grandmother who had been driving it since he passed away. With it came a much loved leather key ring grandma had bought for pop and she had his initials pressed into it.

My Pops' key ring, soon to be framed....

       My Pops’ key ring….

Eventually the magna got to a point where it was giving up, it was 25yrs old and the odometer had been around the block quite a few times, it was leaking through the roof, the fabric on the roof was caving in, the speedo was out by at least 10km p/h, (which I found out twice by being pulled over and getting a speeding ticket!!) and she was really starting to have some mechanical issues. So I sold her to a friend for $200 and let her go. However, even though I handed over the keys I kept the key ring and it has been with me for the last five years. Until a few months ago my car keys were on pops key ring and then one day it just fell off, the leather had finally worn through and given up.

Last week we cleaned out the car and I brought the key ring inside as it had been in the car since it broke. I was unsure what to do with it but knew there was no way I’d throw it out, then out of nowhere it hit me and I knew what to do with it. I decided to frame it for Francis being that he was named after my grandfather Francis or Frank, as he was known to everyone else.

A plain frame transformed...

             A plain frame transformed…

I’m so happy I thought to do this and it’s a little piece of history for Francis when he’s older. So on the weekend it was off to Bunnings (of course) to buy a frame and some paint and here we have the end result for my little man who I’m sure will love it when he’s old enough to appreciate it.

The end result....

   The end result….A piece of history passed on

So how about you….do you have a token from a loved one you’ve kept to pass on to one of your children??………..I would love to know what things you’ve passed on, take care…

Michelle xo


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