A Hunting We Will Go…..

Why is it there are certain things in this life that just creep us out?? Take mice and rats for example, I don’t think I know a single girlfriend of mine who isn’t creeped out by them. They’re dirty, spread disease, crap everywhere and eat all your food without paying the bill.

Yet to children mice and rats are depicted as cute, pets, cuddly and fun. Look at things like, Mickey Mouse, Angelina Ballerina, Rat in a hat and Ratatouille. All fun, friendly, cute and happy. Is this societies way of easing kids into the truth of vermin??

Eva and Bec Both love mickey mouse

Eva and Bec Both love mickey mouse

angelina ballerina

Bec loves watching Angelina Ballerina

Well in reality in our house if there are mice they’re going to end up dead one way or the other. Yep without a cat we have mice yet again. I have a feeling they’re coming in from next door as they’re renovating and may have disturbed the little buggers home life under their house.

We have set traps and they’re managing to get the food off without getting caught. So we put poison down and Chris saw one of them feasting on it!! I thought poison was supposed to kill them not give them more of a food source!! One has even been gnawing and the bottom of the cupboard to try to get out!! Well guess what?? They chose the wrong house to invade because one way or another I’ll get them no matter how much it creeps me out…..I’m seriously talking Chris into getting another cat because while Spikey was around for thirteen years I never had one mouse…ever….So I hope these little critters don’t plan on getting too comfortable because I believe I can hear my red indian blood stirring in my veins…hehe.

Soon to be no more....

Soon to be no more….

A Hunting We Will Go……

Michelle xo


2 thoughts on “A Hunting We Will Go…..

  1. Jacana says:

    Can’t stand them in the house. I recall having a block of rubbish cleared next door to a place I worked at and we then scored an infestation of mice for days after. No sooner would set another trap and it would go off. Makes my skin crawl just thinking back to it.

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