Shabby Chic Chalk Paint Chair…..

Bonjour and how are we all going today?? I hope everyone is having a great week and loving the fact the weekend is just around the corner, I know I am.

Well a while ago, (5 and a half months to be exact) I started a little project with chalk paint. At the time Chalk Paint wasn’t available in Australia so I had to make my own after doing some research on how to. (I’ll share with you in a bit how to diy ย chalk paint) As I was down to five dining room chairs (as one was broken…oops) I decided to revamp one chair, give it a new lease of life and keep it as a spare chair for whenever we needed one.

I’d been researching Annie Sloans’ Chalk Paint as it’s a wonderful product because there’s no need to sand, prime and undercoat before painting, simply slap on the paint and it adheres to just about any surface. So I armed myself with the knowledge of how to make my own as Annie’s wasn’t available to me and I set to work on my chair.


My spare chair….

First coat of chalk paint

First coat of chalk paint

I have to admit I was a little worried while waiting for the first coat of paint to dry as it wasn’t what I was expecting and it felt so rough. However I would soon find out all would be well.

Completely finished and shabby chic.....

Completely finished and shabby chic…..

I actually wasn’t going to make it shabby chic but when Chris put the wrought iron back rest back in it chipped some paint and as I was out of paint I thought why not distress it a little and go shabby chic…..and I’m so glad I did.

Just dressing it up....

Just dressing it up….

The secret to chalk painting is the waxing at the end, that’s what takes it from feeling rough to smooth and silky. I thought I’d keep this chair and then I had a niggling feeling to try and sell it, which is an idea I’ve been toying with fora while now. After speaking with very clever chick (she knows who she is ๐Ÿ™‚ ) I decided to list it on our local buy, sell and swap page for $35….and what do you know…within two hours it sold to a lovely lady here in town who runs a business I love visiting….who knew my little project which really only cost me the price of a sample pot of paint would generate me some cash….I have to admit I’m pretty chuffed and looking forward to doing the next two chairs.

Chalk Paint Recipe

ย Interior satin or wash and wear paint….

Plaster of paris


good paint brushes…

Clear furniture finishing wax

2 soft cloths

Take an old ice cream container and fill it with about 1-1 1/2 cups of paint then add about three tablespoons of plaster of paris. Mix until you have a thickish consistency. If it’s too thick add a dash of water and mix again. (I made my first batch too thick but it’s easy enough to fix.) To see if you’ve got the right consistency try painting an area of what your painting in an inconspicuous spot and see how it covers. If it slides off add a little more plaster of paris. You may need to play around a bit until you get it right. Once it’s the right consistency go ahead and paint your heart out.

Now the vaseline is only for if you want to distress the piece. Simply wipe on a very thin layer where you plan to distress and paint straight over the top of it. Don’t worry the paint will stick. When you go to sand those spots back later the paint just falls away and saves alot of time.

You’ll need the wax to give your newly painted item a protective layer from chipping and it takes your paint from feeling rough to smooth. Simply take one cloth (I use microfibre dish washing cloths from the supermarket) and wipe the wax over an area and then wipe it off with the other cloth. Keep doing sections at a time until you’ve finished the whole piece. It’ll need to cure for a few hours once you’re done but after that it’s brand new.

I hope you all have fun with chalk paint and if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you asap.

Well I’m off for now so until next time take care and Au revoir…

Michelle xo



3 thoughts on “Shabby Chic Chalk Paint Chair…..

  1. Jacana says:

    Never heard of such paint – you learn something new everyday. Thanks for sharing.
    By the way …… not sure if it is just me but your top picture never shows up

      • mylifemylovesmyhome says:

        All fixed thanks Susan…..I somehow took it down….must have been having a blonde moment and didn’t realize what I hit….I was wondering why it wasn’t showing, thanks again for letting me know ans I’m glad you learned something new ๐Ÿ™‚

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