Six Months And Going Strong…….

Well my beautiful boy you are six months old today and have made Daddy and I so very happy as we tried so hard to get you. Francis you make fantastic progress every day and every day I wake to see your beautiful face smiling up at me,  you’ve never woken up crying, not even when we first brought you home from hospital.

Welcome Francis Albert Lisle.....

Your little boy voice is getting louder and stronger every day and at times it sounds as if you’re actually conversing with us, trying desperately to get your point across. You prefer to stand rather than sit, in fact I think you’ll skip sitting and go straight into walking as you’re the only baby I know who will stand so I can pull your pants up lol….

Hello....It's Been A While....

I know you will grow up knowing where your name came from and I hope you will be proud to bear the name of a man who was loved so much by all his family. Francis Bergeron was a wonderful grandfather who loved his grandchildren very much and I know if he was here to meet you he would absolutely adore you.

Little Boy

Little boy, little boy where are you from, you are from Jehovah, an answer to prayers.

Little boy, little boy where do you go, you are going your way on the straight path I know.

Little boy, little boy see how you smile, your smiling at me makes my heart grow.

Little boy, little boy, you have your daddy’s eyes, as blue as the ocean and some days the sky.

Little boy, little boy one day you’ll be grown, so big, so tall and oh so very strong.

Little boy, little boy for now that’s what you are, but soon enough you’ll be driving your first car.

Little boy, little boy mummy loves you so dear, for today, tomorrow and all time we have here.

Little boy, little boy one day I’ll be gone, but look to Jehovah and know I’ll live on.

Little boy, little boy now you sleep, so sound, so quiet and in such peace.

Little boy, little boy please know you’re loved and always remember you’re our blessing from above.

Little boy, little boy you make me so proud, for you are my son I couldn’t live without.

From me to you my little boy



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