A Paris Read…..

Bonjour mon ami’s, ca va? How is it the week always manages to get away from me so quickly? I really don’t know but it’s good to be back.

Today is just a quick post as I have something in the works I need to get back to but wanted to quickly share with you a great book I bought on the weekend. I know all you Paris lovers out there will appreciate it. The book is called Paris – Flea Market Style by Claudia Strasser and I have to admit I couldn’t put it down.


ย Claudia gives you a tour of Paris and where the best markets are and on what days. Within the first few pages of the book she’s given you a map of Paris and exactly where the markets are located.

20130814_131656As you can see the map is very easy to read and follow should you ever find yourself in Paris wanting to find a few treasures.

Claudia gives insight into how Parisian style developed and where it’s influence stemmed. For instance the chaise seat originated as a three piece setting with two single arm chairs each at the end of a long ottoman.

The original chaise set....

The original chaise set….

She also gives insight to the fact that the French are moving away from traditional housing and into more modern apartment building and therefore alot of the original architecture is being removed such as these gorgeous mantle mirrors.

Absolutely gorgeous....

Absolutely gorgeous….imagine one of these mirrors over your fireplace, they’re found all over the markets….

Claudia also tells that there are all sorts of little treasures to come across such as keys on the opposite page of this picture, can you just imagine what they would have unlocked?? There are also letters, suitcases, lampshades, bits of ribbon and all assortment of things. Reading this book has made me more determined than ever to get to Paris for a holiday and I think the markets are going to have to be one of the places I have to visit.

So if like me you love Paris and have the chance to read this book I’m sure you’ll love it, as the ever lovely Miss Audrey Hepburn said – ‘Paris is always a good idea’

Michelle xo


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