On The Move….Again…

Bonjour mon ami’s, ca va? Well I hope you’re all having a good week so far and are well…..We are not so good at the moment as we all have the flu quite badly. We’re resting up and trying to keep warm but so far each day gets worse and I’m hoping it doesn’t go on for too long.

As most of you know Chris and I moved about eighteen months ago now and it looks like we’re on the move again. Why, you ask? Well it’s like this, when we first moved in here all was good though on the first night we discovered just how much colder this house was compared to our last place but no biggy we just layered up the bed earlier than usual. As winter went on it was evident this house was always going to be like living in a freezer and due to the constant cold and dampness we had mold build up on the outside of the house and come through to the inside of several rooms. We treated the inside with exit mold Β and the owners took care of the outside of the house. Then came summer and we were living in an oven, it became apparent very quickly there was no insulation in the roof and all we had for cooling was a ceiling fan between the lounge room and dining room.

Bringing Francis home from hospital this February with the house so hot was a nightmare and I was constantly worried about him over heating and becoming dehydrated so lots of baths were in order for him and although we had as many fans going as possible the house just wasn’t cooling down.

And now we’re halfway through winter and the situation is 100 times worse than last year. Due to all the extra rain we’ve had this winter the sleep out roof has flooded twice, water is pooling in the roof and cause electrical malfunctions and although an electrician came and isolated the problem we still can’t use the switch as it throws all other lights in the house out and we’ve been told not to use it and to cover it with tape so the kids don’t turn it on…..seriously?? We actually have moss growing in the tracks of the windows in the sleep out, the roof is wet and dripping every morning, there is now a major mold problem in the room we were going to put Francis in, it’s so bad the mold is coming down the walls, there’s moss on the roof stopping the water running off it, a bunch of the guttering is cracked and broken and there are now broken tiles on the roof that have moved!!! And to top it all off we’ve been told by the R.A.C assessor who came last week that they won’t be doing any repairs until the owners do a bunch of repairs and it’s all roof work which is going to be very expensive….so as you can see we’re not exactly int he healthiest environment at the moment and the fact we’ve all got the flu is not making the situation any better.

completely stripped back and packed away...

completely stripped back and packed away…

I’ve already started packing up the house and we’re on the look out for a new place and although our lease is until early November we’re prepared to break it if we have too.

All books packed away as are my photos and Paris pics.....Chris is taking his coffee machine to work...

All books packed away as are my photos and Paris pics…..Chris is taking his coffee machine to work…

I ran out of boxes the other day for my few jugs left over but everything that doesn’t need to be out from the lounge room, kitchen and dining room has already been packed. I’ve just got to remind Chris to take the coffee machine to work then it’s one less thing I have to think about.

our storage area for now...

our storage area for now…

What was going to be Francis’ bedroom has now become the storage space for boxes while we pack.

You can see just how much mold is coming through

You can see just how much mold is coming through

Believe it or not this mold has literally appeared over the last two weeks, amazing what can happen when the outside of an old house is constantly wet. This didn’t happen at all last year so we know we can believe the R.A.C assessor that this is all new trouble….lets hope we find something soon because we are out of here..!

Well I must be off and feed Monsieur Francois as he is wanting a feed after he finally had a nap without waking himself up from coughing…..hopefully I’ll be back first thing tomorrow with how my last chair went….stay tuned….until then Au revoir for now….

Michelle xo


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