Getting Fit For Life….

Well after months of procrastination I have decided it’s time to kick my butt into gear to get healthy and fit once and for all. As most of you know I had Francis in February and luckily for me I dropped all the baby weight in a matter of a few weeks, however over the winter a pesky few kilos have crept back on and I’m determined to get rid of them and the rest of what I need to lose permanently.

How do I plan on doing this you ask? Well thankfully for me at home we have a Total Gym, Chris has dumb bells and a bench, we have the Tap Out XT program and I have my Walk Away The Pounds DVD, so I plan on combining all of these so I don’t get bored with just doing one thing. As for meals, well I’m a pretty healthy cook and always eat breakfast so it’s going to be a matter of eliminating all those extra snacks when I’m either bored or if I have a cuppa I’m terrible for having a bikkie or two but if you add up all those bikkies it’s not so great. So elimination is the key but not deprivation, deprivation leads to binging, which then leads to feeling like a failure, which then leads to falling off the wagon and not doing anything. So I’ve decided that one night a week (which will be a Saturday for us) I will make a desert of my families choice and enjoy a serving without feeling guilty because I know I’ve done my weeks exercise.

Now if you’re saying to yourself that’s all good and well but why are you telling me all about it? Well here’s my answer, for me motivation is usually my biggest downfall. I start off good, all gun hoe and full steam ahead and then I fall off the wagon or the kids get sick and I can’t ‘find time’ to fit in my exercise and then it all goes by the wayside and I get nowhere. So now my fellow lovely bloggers I’m holding myself accountable to you as I will be reporting in on a daily basis with what exercise was accomplished, how I’m feeling about it, whether or not I fell off the wagon and with updated photos and amounts lost to date. I am allowing myself one day a week off and that will be a Sunday as that’s usually one of our busiest days of the week as well as being absolute family time.

I would also like to extend the invitation to any of you out there who are feeling you’re ready to get healthy and fit to join me. Leave me a comment letting me know how your doing or send me an email if you don’t want the world to know, it’s up to you. My start date will be this Monday coming, 3rd September 2013 where I will be posting a before photo and what was accomplished.

I briefly want to explain why I’ve called this Getting Fit For Life and not Getting Fit For Summer or anything like that…..I did contemplate going with summer but then I thought just saying I’m getting fit for summer sounds like a short term solution to a long term life style change….for me it’s going to take longer than the summer to get healthy and I’m ok with that because I know slow and steady wins the race and I’m wanting to be healthy, fit and around for a long time for all my kids but especially for Francis as he got me at 38yrs old so I’m going to need to be able to keep up with him now, in six months time and when he’s 5, 10 and 12 and wanting to go here, there and everywhere and do physical activities. I DON’T want to be a parent sitting on the sidelines I WANT to be a parent joining in with my child and encouraging them with my actions as well as my words.

So mon ami’s (my friends) here’s to living a long, healthy, fit and happy life full of fun, laughter, struggles, deep breaths and triumphs….remember if you’d like to join me or even just want to chat please feel free to leave a message or email me, there’s never any judgement here just support from one mum who wants to share her journey and knows just how hard this can be. Trust me I know and understand how hard this can be and I will share more about how I know as time goes on.

For now I’m off to work out my shopping list for the week and I will report back in Monday evening with the days details, until then take care and have a great weekend…..

Michelle xo


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