Introducing Sparrow And Jack Interiors & Shabby Chic Success….

Bonjour, ca va? As most of you know I’ve been making up and working with chalk paint lately. When I heard Annie Sloans’ paint was finally coming to Australia I had to go to her website to see where I could find a stockist for those of us here in the west. And to my shock (though not too shocked really) there is only one place in W.A we can get any of Annie Sloans’ products. However I’m happy to report that our suppliers Sparrow and Jack Interiors are a lovely group of people who are only too happy to help with a multitude of questions, (I think I may have reached my quota for the year lol) they will post to where ever you are and the lovely Catherine is a wealth of knowledge on all things chalk paint and wax application.


I loved working with this wax…If you need any advice applying it or want to know how to use the dark wax with the clear wax then don’t forget to pop on over and check out Sparrow and Jacks website and have a read of the blog, there’s lots of useful hints and tips….

As some of you are aware I’ve been painting up a pair of Shabby Chic Chairs and I’m happy to report that on the weekend I was able to sell them together as a pair even though they were different colours. One of the best tips Catherine gave me regarding the wax was to use cotton to wipe off the excess wax and I have to say it made such a difference and I think the silky texture the wax gives is what helped sell the chairs.


Duck Egg Blue & Pastel Mint Green…


The silky feel to the chairs is amazing…


Love this shade of blue…


This was the exact shade of green I wanted…..reminds me of the 50’s….

While I’m really happy with the way the chairs have come out I thought I’d share a couple of tips and tricks so you don’t make the same debacle I did. First of all upon making your own paint, DON’T mix the plaster of paris into the paint in a sample pot. Not because you can’t use sample pot paint, you can, I use it all the time but what happened last week was I added a little too much plaster and because the pot was full there wasn’t room to stir the plaster through quick enough and it all clumped together becoming very thick.  If this happens, it can be fixed, first of all scrape some paint into a bigger pot with a lid (so you can keep it) then simply add a little warm water a bit at a time and stir the crap out of it until loosens up again. It may take a bit but it will go back to a normal consistency and your paint will still work but make sure you add the water slowly, DON’T add too much at once.

Always keep old ice cream containers (or any other decent sized container, I use Chris’ protein shake containers) so you have a decent sized container to mix paint up in and only add the plaster a tablespoon at a time. To test if it’s ready and will adhere to your chair, coffee table or whatever your doing up put some paint on your brush and paint a small area of the piece you’re doing, if the paint wipes on and off as you paint you need a little more plaster, just add a little at a time until it goes on without wiping straight off. If it sticks well and has a good consistency then you’re right to go ahead and revamp away.

Since the Chairs were finished I’ve completed a gorgeous side table I bought and now the debate is to sell it or keep it, I’m kind of leaning toward keeping it as I love it. More on that later though as it hasn’t been waxed yet and I’m contemplating adding a little something french to it…..So I hope those tips help and if you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you asap, also if you live in Perth why don’t you pop into Sparrow and Jack in Duncraig and check them out, I know you’ll love it and I’ll be popping in as soon as I’m in Perth next…So until then keep painting, take care and don’t forget I”ll be back later tonight with a check in on Getting Fit For Life…..Au revoir for now….xo



Bonjour I love hearing from you so leave a comment..

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