H20…Plain Old Water Or Summer Fun….?

Are you a big water drinker?? No, me either….but for those of you who are, well done your body and your skin will love you for it.

Today as I sit here with a headache bashing the inside of my head I’m drinking down the water to try and help it go away as knowing me I’m probably a little dehydrated. We all know we should drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, but why?? What are the benefits of drinking so much water? One thing I know is I spend more time in the loo when I drink a lot hehe.


First of all a good amount of water helps to flush toxins out of the body, it helps keep skin hydrated and clear, helps all our organs to function properly and it keeps you full between meals. In fact quite often being thirsty can be mistaken for feeling hungry that’s why personal trainers, doctors and nutritionists recommend having a glass of water before a snack that way it gives your body a chance to see if it’s really hungry or thirsty. So my mission is to try and increase my water intake to keep hydrated inside and out, I find if I keep water near me I’ll drink it, if it’s out of sight then it’s definitely out of mind.

However my most favourite thing to do with water is…….yep you guessed it, swimming!! I’m longing for the warm weather to come back so I can head to the beach and jump in that water again. Also I’m dying to get Francis there for his first proper time at the beach, if he’s anything like me (and so far most signs are he is hehe) he’s going to love the beach.

Bring on summer, sun and swimming...

Bring on summer, sun and swimming…

Now this is my idea of water being fun, nothing better than an early morning swim to wake you up and get the day started or a late afternoon swim to cool down and relax…..for as long as I can remember I’ve loved being in the water and I really couldn’t imagine living anywhere there wasn’t access to the beach….Seriously how do people do it…?? Well take care for now and I’ll be back soon….Au revoir…xo



4 thoughts on “H20…Plain Old Water Or Summer Fun….?

    • mylifemylovesmyhome says:

      It’s definitely harder to drink those 6-8 glasses in winter isn’t it? I don’t know about you Alicia but I’m over the cold and wet and can’t wait for the warm weather but I know as soon as it gets too hot I’ll be trying to keep as cool as possible…have a good night and thanks for dropping by..

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