A Nook For A Work Space….

Bonjour, ca va? Well I know I’ve been absent of late but I’m back and ready to get things on a roll once again. Lately I’ve seen lots of blogs sharing their space where they either work from home or write their latest post and I have to say some of you have gorgeous spaces in which you work and write.

I however am not one of those people who have a gorgeous space in which to be creative and to be honest if I did it’d probably be a mess in five minutes with kids following me into every room in the house. Dare I say it but if they could they’d break down the toilet door…. LOL…. For me I actually do most of my blogging sitting on the couch being super comfy.

Because our lounge room is so small it was hard to get a good pic with good light as the weather was shocking this week and it's been grey outside every day so far.....

My desk is small as we don’t have a lot of room and is always accessible but for me it just feels very formal and I’m more of a relaxed, go with the flow kind of gal….

I've moved the computer desk out of the corner and behind the couch and it looks so much better and now I'm not stuck in a corner any more......

My desk is always ready to use but I almost always end up on the couch…

As for my work space where I paint, revamp and shabby things up until they’re how I want them… well, I would call it more of a nook than a work space. It’s small, compact, a tight squeeze at times and it’s at the end of the sleep out. I love the advantage of being able to paint up a storm indoors so I can see and hear the kids but some days it’s too confined as behind that door is Luke’s bedroom.

My nook where all sorts of things are revamped....

My nook where all sorts of things are revamped….

The latest revamping project under way

The latest revamping project under way…

So while my ideal work space is a gorgeous room full of Parisian influences and a few beach bits (think Hampton’s), the reality is it’s a cold, cramped nook in my house that I absolutely love……it’s my space where I can go and do what I like and especially when Chris is home I’m left to my own devices…..it may not be the prettiest, lush or decked out work space and definitely won’t win any Beautiful Room competitions but it’s where I’m alive and the creative juices flow and ideas come alive and shouldn’t that be what matters…?

This won’t be the case for much longer though as we’re on the move and who knows at the next house I may even have a workshop in the yard where I can really get the bigger projects done…..oh crap I think I’m turning into my Dad….hehe…but that’s ok he’s an excellent father so who wouldn’t want to be like him and as strange as this might sound I’ve always loved the smell of his and my grandfathers sheds……it’s just a smell that is them, in a good way that is…Well I’m off to be creative with dinner now so I’ll catch you all later….so until then take care and Au revoir for now….xo



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