1940’s Makeup…Part 1

Bonjour mon amis, ca va? Well I have to say I’m glad it’s Saturday and I think I’m glad it’s the holidays, we’ll son find out…. lol

A simple day to day 1940s look....

A simple day to day 1940s look….I was very happy with the end result…

I wanted to do something a little different today… so here you go. Once upon a time when I was a young girl of ten I found something I loved more than anything but was forbidden to touch it or use it until I was a slightly older girl of thirteen. Oh how I loved the colors, the brushes it came with and knowing I had a blank canvas to work with each time. I longed for the day when I would have my own and not be told don’t touch. For three years I waited impatiently to hold my own colors and brushes in my hand so I could color as I pleased and learn what was right for me. The day finally came, I can’t remember exactly when but oh the joy I felt looking down at that pallette not knowing quite where to begin. I went to my bedroom and stood before the mirror, opened my compact, took out the brushes and began to work on that blank canvas I’d carried all my life….

Yes before my love of sewing, revamping, shabby chic, chalk paint and even everything French my first love was makeup. I loved what could be accomplished with it and how it had the power to pick up my mood just by putting on a touch of eye shadow. I quickly mastered the art of application and what colors suited me most however it was the eighties so there were a lot of purple eyeshadow and champagne pink lipstick all round….. Not exactly colors you’d find on me now. As time went on I eventually became a cosmetician by trade and loved what I did, however life happens things change beyond our control and priorities change. Despite this I’ve always loved skin care and cosmetics, you’ve only got to look through my cabinet to see that lol

Earlier in the week my sister Charmaine asked me to do her makeup for a 1920s flapper party tonight….. naturally being the person I am I jumped on Google and researched away and came across a great tutorial over at http://www.superkawaiimama.com.au I also found an every day 1940s look that’s easy enough to accomplish even for the most beginner of using cosmetics. I love going back in time to when life was simpler as I’ve always felt I was born in the wrong era….. anyone else out there feel that way. ? I’m sure I’m not alone…..So to celebrate a simpler time in history I’m going to be showing you step by step just how I got the look above….if you’re new with makeup and worried don’t be it’s much easier than it look…so until tomorrow Bonsoir xo




Bonjour I love hearing from you so leave a comment..

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