Nad’s…. The Waxing Kind….

Bonjour and how are we all going? Well as I’m still down with the flu (as is everyone in the house) I haven’t been able to get makeup on to show the 1940’s How To yet but hopefully over the weekend when I’m feeling much better we’ll get there.

For today I thought I’d share one of my fave beauty products I keep in my bathroom cupboard and have done for years now. I get asked pretty regularly who waxes my eyebrows and people are always surprised when I say I do my own… me I know waxing can be scary to DIY and I’ve had a few blunders over the years but now have it down to a fine art….I’ve tried lots of different waxes over the years but when I finally found Nad’s Facial Wand that was it, all other waxes were thrown out and I’ve never looked back….it sells for about $13 and lasts forever..

I love the fact this is so easy to use and natural..

I love the fact this is so easy to use and natural..

 The thing to remember when waxing your own eyebrows is to follow the natural shape of your brow and only take a few brows at a time so you don’t over wax and end up with no eyebrows…..No one wants to be left browless….ever!!…So take your time and for any fine hairs that won’t come away you can always use a pair of pointed tweezers to remove those….again, don’t over pluck. I finally waxed my eyebrows last week after they’d been left to get overly wild like and I find the more I do it the better the result I get…it also helps to have on hand an eyebrow brush to groom your brows before you start so you can see what needs removing and to groom afterwards so you can see how they’re sitting and if you’ve missed anything.

A good shape for me as I followed my natural arch..

A good shape for me as I followed my natural arch..

I had actually given up going into a salon to have my eyebrows waxed as they almost always took too much off the ends and left them too short….it was frustrating to come out every time with my eyebrows shorter than their natural length…..I miss Jacqueline in Perth who used to do them perfectly every time…thankfully I have come across one lovely girl here in Busselton who knows just how to get them right but I usually only visit the salon if I’m out of wax or in a hurry to have them done and don’t have the time myself as kids don’t leave you alone much so I do lots when bubs asleep…

A new hairdo that makes my eyes stand out more...

A new hairdo that makes my eyes stand out more…

Over all waxing your own eyebrows takes practice and patience but can be successfully done. If you don’t have the patience or are too worried you’ll make a massive blunder then stick with visiting a salon and make sure you let them know exactly what you want before they start, also take in pictures of how you’d like your eyebrows to be. Another great way to give your brows a little pop is to tint them either yourself or by a beautician…..I’ll actually be doing mine over the weekend so will do a post on just how easy it is to do and why you don’t need to pay salon prices any more….unless you absolutely want to that is.

Well that’s it from me tonight, if you have any questions on technique or anything else then leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you……take care for now…Au revoir…xo



3 thoughts on “Nad’s…. The Waxing Kind….

  1. Amy (Bubbles and Blush) says:

    Your eyebrows have such a lovely shape! I’ve never waxed mine – I’m clearly into torture because I get them threaded instead! But I just love the shape that gives me, and I’m too terrified to ever do them myself – I’m a walking disaster and I know I’d end up with nothing left!

    • mylifemylovesmyhome says:

      That’s funny Amy, well at least you know you have a good pain threshold for the threading…..I’d love to get mine threaded but there’s no one down here woo does it much more painful than waxing?

      • Amy (Bubbles and Blush) says:

        Well I’ve never waxed my eyebrows, but used to get my bikini line done (before laser saved me!) and it’s more painful than that! I just found my lady on Gumtree – $10 in the back of her house, so try looking on there for someone nearby 🙂

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