Whatever Happened To Hats…..?

Recently I’ve been doing some research into past fashions including clothes,makeup, hair styles, accessories and how it has all changed. I’m doing this for a few reasons, first of all as someone who suffers from mild alopecia I really should have a hat on my head year round to protect it from the sun and UV rays. Every summer my scalp ends up burnt while at the beach and it’s from not wearing a hat and then it hurts to brush my hair as my head is sore. l used to have very thick hair that was slow growing but easy to get it long. Now my hair is extremely fine, still slow growing and just doesn it look good long any more as it’s got no body left to it. So any way I’ve been trying to find some nice hats and it’s amazing how much of a mission it’s turning out to be. Why is it hats have Lost their place in fashion and society. Many moons ago ladies and gentlemen wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without a hat (and usually gloves as well), however according to my research the wearing of hats seems to have declined after both world wars.

I have always loved hats but haven’t always been able to find one to suit me, even though apparently with my oval shaped face I should be able to wear most hats. Perhaps it’s just my own critical judgement on whether or not I think a hat suits me…..I grew up wearing mostly fishing hats or caps, I don’t ever remember owning a dress hat.

This is the first sort of hat I can remember wearing....

This is the first sort of hat I can remember wearing….

me, my sister Charmaine and our dad all wearing fishing hats....we were fishing after all lol

me (on the right), my sister Charmaine and our dad all wearing fishing hats….we were fishing after all lol

I don’t really fish any more and while I don’t mind wearing a cap if I’m out for a walk neither of these really go with a nice summer dress or out on a picnic. These days I’m looking for something a little more fashionable and as I’ve always felt I was born in the wrong era I’m going back to when hats were stylish and went with all outfits….such as these beauties…

This is a Cloche hat...Cloche is french for bell....

This is a Cloche hat…Cloche is french for bell….

I love a Cloche hat and will definitely be looking at getting one of these for next winter, I can just imagine how warm my head and ears are going to be on the cold days we have here in Busselton.

I love the way this hat is styled....

I love the way this hat is styled….some hats are like a work of art…

I love the fact that years ago everyone wore a hat despite your social standing….hats are the most simplest accessorie to put with an outfit yet it seems we’ve cast aside what I believe to be an essential item in the climate we live in. Here in Australia the sun is so harsh and bright somedays that you can barely open your eyes unless your wearing sunglasses, which most of us do quite successfully, so why not wear a hat which keeps our heads and face protected from uv rays and also helps cut the glare from our eyes. It seems the most often you’ll see hats these days is when it’s Melbourne Cup Day and then how many are bought for one wear and then discarded??

For me personally I’m making it my mission to bring hats back to my family at least, they really do finish off an outfit, offer protection from the elements and just look good. One thing that always sticks in my mind about hats is that my grandfather always, always wore a hat no matter the weather or where he was going….if we ever lost pop in a crowd we found him by his hat…he was a sharp dresser my pop even in his later days….so this next look is for him, I’m sure he’d appreciate the effort…

I found this lovely hat at my local chemistit has the cancer counsel approval as it has a sun protection of 50+ due to the materials it's made from.....

I found this lovely hat at my local chemist it has the cancer counsel approval as it has a sun protection of 50+ due to the materials it’s made from…..its also quite stylish with my new sunglasses….how very 50’s of me….

So there you have it my take on hats and I hope some of you, like me realise just how important a hat can be for all seasons and maybe make an investment in buying one you absolutely love…..so stay tuned as that look back to past fashions has me making a few other changes to my wardrobe as well…..until next time….Au revoir…xo



2 thoughts on “Whatever Happened To Hats…..?

  1. Jacana says:

    I am surprised that it is hard to find a hat nowadays especially with so much advertisement about slip, slop and slap. Try the place downtown next to The Laundry with the handbag place on the other side…. I know there are a few in there.
    I will keep an eye out at the Op Shop for any classy fashion antique hats for you

    • mylifemylovesmyhome says:

      Hi Susan, it’s easy to find straw hats, caps and Beach hats but the more dressy style are very hard to find here in particular, I’ve been looking on eBay and there’s lots there. I’ll check out the place near the laundromat and thanks for keeping your eyes open xo

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