From Tired And Worn To Revamped And Fresh……

Bonjour ami’s and how are you all doing today, well I hope. Well months and months ago (possibly even last year) I mentioned I was going to revamp my poor tired worn garden bench and over the weekend I finally got round to it. I bought this bench from Bunnings about 12yrs ago and at the time I chose to stain it, however this time round I opted for a fresh coat of white paint.

Worn and tired after too many years being out in the weather...

Worn and tired after too many years being out in the weather…

Refreshed and resting in it's new home on the front porch....

Refreshed and resting in its new home on the front porch….

For this project I first sanded off the old, though not much varnish that was still on the back of the bench, then primed it with a primer/undercoat then painted it with Rust-oleum in Gloss White… might remember I mentioned this paint in Two Revamps Finally Finished… last week….the thing I like about Rust-oleum is it’s a paint/primer in one and is so quick and easy to use as well as giving great coverage…….So after the painting was done and my bench was looking lovely and refreshed it was time to put it in its new home and zoosh up the front porch….

Starting to feel a little more relaxing out here...

Starting to feel a little more relaxing out here…


Just need to get my lots of lemons lemon tree into a nice new pot….


I’m thinking something like a nice picture would look good above the bench and I’m on the look out for some cool cushions too….

So there we have it another project accomplished in a weekend not the usual six months lol…and I’m about to start yet another one this afternoon as I bought two tall boys last week for the kids rooms and they need a little revamping so that’s what I’ll be doing….If you have any questions on any of the revamps you see here or want to know more about what I use feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get to you as soon as I can….until next time A bientot…xo



4 thoughts on “From Tired And Worn To Revamped And Fresh……

    • mylifemylovesmyhome says:

      Hi Julie

      Thanks for stopping by its always nice to meet fellow bloggers… I’m glad you’re feeling inspired to reclaim some old furniture pieces. I’ve been doing it for years and I honestly get more joy of of revamping an old and forgotten about piece of furniture than buying a new piece. I could have easily bought a new garden bench but there’s nothing wrong with the one I have just worn and now after some tlc is looking good and still able to serve its purpose…..I hope you’ll pop back soon as I’m doing another project this week, two tall boys I bought second hand.


    • mylifemylovesmyhome says:

      Hi Kris, so good to see you in blogland again…..I have an idea of what sort of cushions I’m after its just going to be a matter of keeping my eyes open…..I do love a good revamp, wait till you see these tall boys I’m doing….. xo

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