Sunrises’ Push On Immunization……. I’m Over It….!!

You know I usually enjoy watching Sunrise for a bit in the morning while getting the kids breakfast and doing a few things around the house but over the last few months the subject of immunization has come up with a very one-sided point of view. Apparently those of us who don’t immunize our children are ‘hippy nuts’ according to one of their guest speakers, which I find highly offensive!! My question to all of them is, ‘are you the doctor, scientist or expert??’ No you are not. ‘Have any of you raised a child with Autism?’ Obviously not from the comments and points of view that are put across. ‘Are those of us who choose not to immunize or selectively immunize our children, uneducated, arrogant and stupid?’ NO we are NOT!!

Some of us have very good reasons we choose not to give the MMR vaccine if you’d bother to listen to us. I myself have been raising a child who’s now 20yrs old with Autism. My son was developing ‘normally’ right up until his 18 month old needle, then all the progress he had made went backwards. As a young mum I didn’t know what was happening but thanks to some people who did know and who gave me their views I was able to get my son the assessment he needed to help him. And yes it came back he had Autism and still does by the way.

There are many of us who can pinpoint our childs regression back to their 18 month old needles. Have you never heard of Jenny McCarthy or do you just choose to have the pro immunization voices on your show. Jenny McCarthy asked her doctor about the link between Autism and the 18month needle and he scolded her and told her not to be ridiculous and went ahead and immunized her son. Soon after her son started having seizures, something he’d never had before his immunization. She later found out he had Autism and for some with Autism they also have seizures. Can you really say the two aren’t related??? Do you really think the pharmaceutical companies are going to admit their vaccines are the cause of Autism?? Why has Autism jumped so high since more people started immunizing their children?? Do you really think they’re concerned about the welfare of our children when they’re making millions from all the drugs they produce?? Why can’t doctors tell us what causes Autism??

I’m now 38 years old and had a beautiful baby boy who’s soon to be one and due for his MMR vaccine and I can tell you now I will NOT be risking his development with this poison. I have watched my son Luke struggle to do things that should be easy but it’s not, because of Autism. He cannot live a so-called ‘normal’ life of a 20yr old guy, he may never get married because of his Autism. There are a lot of things my son may never be able to do all because I was told I was ‘doing the right thing.’ The ‘right thing’ has cost him dearly and it’s something that can never be given back to him. Francis however will benefit greatly from my experience with immunization and awareness of Autism and if that means not immunizing him to keep him from a life of struggle and not being able to express what he wants without frustration or not being able to marry and have a family then that’s a risk I’m prepared to take. You have a higher chance of your child developing Autism than you do of them catching the measles!!

I hope our state government here in W.A does NOT follow N.S.W and ban children from day care centres or school due to lack of immunization. What happened to our right as the Parent to choose whether we immunize our children or not and do you really believe the children who haven’t been immunized are a ‘threat’ to those who have been?? Really, how does that work? If you’ve been immunized against something then you’re unlikely to get it. However those children who haven’t been immunized will be the ones to be more susceptible to colds, flu’s, chicken pox etc…… know I immunized all my children and they still got chicken pox. My mum immunized me and my sisters and we still got measles, mumps, whooping-cough and chicken pox so really what does that say about immunization.

I’m over this subject coming up so often especially when it is so one-sided, you never think to consider why people don’t immunize just the fact that they don’t and unless you live in a third world country chicken pox is not going to kill you if it’s looked after as some of you claim some of these diseases do.

So to you Sunrise I challenge you the next time you want to do a segment of this subject why don’t you include some opinions from those who don’t immunize and why they don’t, better yet why not talk to Jenny McCarthy and find out why she campaigns against the pharmaceutical companies and is doing everything she can to bring awareness to Autism? And how about next time you pull your guests up on the outrageous statements they make and ask them to show some respect to those of us who did immunize believing we were doing the right thing and now our children are paying the price as they are the ones living the rest of their lives with Autism??

And to my lovely readers out there who may not be in Australia and know I don’t usually rant, if you’re wondering why I’m so fired up here’s the link.


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