Good For The Mind And Soul……

Bonjour ca va…? Well last week was bit of a funky week. My day was going along well on Thursday and then something I wasn’t expecting crapped all over it. So what did I do. ? Well I chewed hubby’s ear off when he got home from work poor guy then got on with making dinner as any good wife does, despite the fact I had a headache coming on.

After dinner hubby suggested we go for an evening walk, which we’ve been trying to do more of recently. So we organized the kids and headed off up the road only to get about a hundred meters before Bec stacked it off her scooter, scraping her knee and bumping her chin, which meant we had to turn around and come home to fix her up. By the time we fixed her up it was too cool and windy to take bub back out again so we put the kids to bed and did the usual clean up.

Bec's banged up knee after her fall.....

Bec’s banged up knee after her fall…..

Once the kids were asleep my feet were still itching to get some exercise in while I was still in the mood to do it so I decided to hop on the abdoer twist and do a workout.

We bought one a few weeks ago and they're so much fun...

We bought one a few weeks ago and they’re so much fun…

I love working out on the abdoer, it’s fun, relatively easy, kind on the joints and you get a massage while working out, what more could you ask for. Like most people I know exercise is good for the mind and body but it’s only as I’m getting a tad older I’m appreciating the benefits it can bring. So I’m planning on working out as much as I can (without killing myself of course) to get as fit as possible and also to keep that brain pick me up that exercise gives.

So far this week is off to a good start (considering it’s Monday lol) and I’m looking forward to getting on the abdoer tonight and seeing what the week will bring. I’m also going to be trying some new recipes which I’ll share, for now I’m off to do a few things before I need to get Bec from school, so have a good day and I’ll be back soon……Au revoir for now….

Michelle xo


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    do you think I could use this…….where from and how much……pm me if you dont want to discuss on here…..

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