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Bonjour Mon amis….. Well it’s been a while since I’ve shared any recipes admittedly cooking has just been pretty standard of late but this week I wanted to do a few different things and break the same old routine…… You know the one, the one where you have pretty much the same thing week in week out only on different nights?

So this week we’ve had some lovely new dishes only I’ve forgotten to take pics of them all so I’ll share the ones I did take pics of. One meal we had and loved were chicken roll ups served with a salad. For these roll ups you will need

4 chicken breasts halved length ways (skinless)

1 cup crumbled feta

Lemon thyme chopped

Rosemary chopped

4 tablespoons lemon juice

4 tablespoons olive oil

Cooking twine

With your chicken breasts halved sprinkle the feta down the middle, top with rosemary and lemon thyme then roll up the breasts and secure with cooking twine. Place all rolled chicken breasts in an oven tray. Mix the lemon juice and olive oil together and drizzle over the chicken. Cook in a pre heated oven at 220 Celsius for 25 to 30 minutes and turn two to three times.

Ready to go in the oven......I forgot to take an after pic is cooked

Ready to go in the oven……I forgot to take an after pic once they were cooked…

This recipe really is quite easy to do and even more delish to eat. You could serve it with steamed veggies but I was in the mood for my hubby’s salad so that’s what we had….and don’t be fooled thinking it doesn’t look like a decent serve because it’s really quite filling.

The other meal I made this week which is one of my oldies but goodies was Basil pesto and home-made fettucine. Again I forgot to take a pic of the finished product before I served it. (even though I reminded myself….go figure) I do however have a pic of the pesto before I added it to the pasta. This recipe is a little more time-consuming and needs a little more prep ahead of time but is so worth it. If you don’t want to make your own pasta you can always use store-bought but it doesn’t really have the same effect.

For the Basil Pesto

1 large bunch of basil, leaves only washed and dried

3 medium cloves of garlic

a small handful of pine nuts

3/4 cup fresh grated parmesan cheese

3 tablespoons olive oil

A mezzaluna knife or large kitchen knife

Take a third of the basil and the garlic and start chopping with either knife (some of you might know a mezzaluna knife as a pizza knife, the half-moon shaped knives.) Once this is loosely chopped and some more, add the basil and chop some more. By now the basil and garlic should be quite a fine mince. I find it helps to use a chop, scrape and gather movement with the knife. Add half the pine nuts and chop, add the rest of the pine nuts and chop some more. Add half the parmesan and chop, add the rest of the parmesan and chop some more. In the end you want your ingredients chopped so fine you can press them all into a basil ‘cake’. Transfer the pesto ‘cake’ into a dish not much bigger than the pesto itself and cover with the three tablespoons of olive oil. Cover with glad wrap until ready to use.

Basil pesto sitting in olive oil waiting to be used....I must warn you once you've finished the whole house will smell like basil.....bliss

Basil pesto sitting in olive oil waiting to be used….I must warn you once you’ve finished the whole house will smell like basil…..bliss

Pasta is very simple to make, the thing to remember is for every 100gms of flour you add 1 egg. I made 200gms of pasta so I used 2 eggs. Simply place your flour on a clean workbench and make a well in the centre, add the eggs to the well then start mixing the flour to the eggs from the middle working your way out. It may seem like your pasta is turning into a big sticky mess but keep kneading and it’ll come together nicely…it takes time but it’s worth it. once you have a good ball of dough wrap it in plastic and let it rest in the fridge for 30 minutes. Take the past out, cut it in half and roll ot through your pasta machine. If you don’t have a pasta machine you can roll it out using a rolling-pin. Once you’ve rolled your pasta to the desired thickness decide if you want fettucine or spaghetti (these are the choices that usually come with pasta machines), don’t forget to let your pasta dry completely before cooking it. I usually leave my pasta to dry over night, this makes it a quick easy meal to whip up when you don’t have much time.

Well I hope you give these recipes a try and let me know how they go and next time I’ll remember to take more pictures. If you follow me on instagram at mylife_myloves_myhome I’d love to see your creations and how they come out……..

Tomorrow I have pictures for you of my dream (yes I’m dreaming again lol) house I found on our road trip on the weekend… take care for now, happy cooking and Au revoir…..

Michelle xo


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